Alteil vs Urban Rivals


Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby DanTheTimid » Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:34 am

harvest4god wrote:
piratipper wrote:I'm sure you just pay to be number one or something.
To give Urban Rival's its credit, it's a great way to learn multiplication...
Must try Warstorm now out of curiosity...

Warstorm is just about luck, plain and simple, you only get to choose your deck and then it plays your cards automatically. So boring.

Well in theory the skill test takes place in building the deck, kind of the reverse of traditional card games where everyone plays with the same deck and the skill test is in how you use the cards you draw. Every card game that involves drawing shuffled cards inherently involves some amount of luck, and that covers darn near ever card game, the issue with warstorm's system (aside from the reason I don't like it, that the rare cards obselete the common ones) is that its so easy to net deck (copy an existing proven deck some one else has used and revealed online) in this day and age that its very easy to take all the skill out of deck building, there by taking all skill out of their game.

piratipper wrote:Dan the Timid:

You make some interesting points about the business model vs gameplay, but seriously I hate the gamplay of Urban Rivals with a passion.
You're right though, the business model is more sophisticated than Alteils.
I'm strongly in favour of a model based around regular micropayments rather than a model where a small percentage of bigger spenders mostly support the game. This would create a larger, more even and active playerbase in my opinion. And also in the long-term I reckon this would be a more stable way for Alteil to run as a business. Or maybe I'm wrong.

It would be a BIG change for Alteil to implement though.

Its funny, I used to ask a friend of mine all the time if he could explain to me why I was still playing urban rivals, I knew the game play was overly simplistic, but I guess I was just so hungry for any sort of ccg experience I was willing to settle. But again, the fact their gameplay (and art) is so lack luster yet they've been so successful just goes to show that with ccgs, the business model you use is THE single most important part of how successful you are. In Alteil's case their lack luster business model has seemingly managed to keep them behind Urban Rivals despite a vastly superior game (and art), and its a shame, but you've got to tip your hat to the Urban Rivals team, they could have priced things just like any other real life CCG like so many other online CCGs have, they took a big risk in making the game so cheap an accessible, but perhaps they knew they didn't have all that great of a game so they were willing to take big risks to make up the difference?
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby Tomazas » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:12 am

Urban rivals is all about getting inside your oponents head, it gives great deapths of strategy, and with new mission system (I hope alteil achievements will be at least half that good) its really gets going.
And it not very money grabing, you only need like 3 dollars payment to access trading system fully, and games living economy model takes you from there. You don't need even very much costing deck to win a lot, recently I made into Top 25 of daily tournament with deck worth of total worth, for all 8 card 2500 (for comparison really good and staple cards goes in market for 10000 clintz)

So what can be transfered from Urban to alteil: Trade system (sweet dream, but not posible with curent managment).
Mission system (alteil are already doing it)
weekly banning system (players banning cards for the week by voting) Pleassse
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby Harion » Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:31 am

i've recently returned to playing UR (i played it first b4 alteil but stopped bec i found alteil better)
and now jz returned to playing it again
if anyone noticed, i'v stopped playing alteil for quite awhile
i said i was gonna spend on the last EX pack, but that was actually the catalyst for me returning to UR
because my family and I are currently into a financial crunch,
(still well off but really getting short on discretionary funds. like i had to actually choose between movies, games and cannot spend on both)
i had to seriously evaluate my entertainment options and my discretionary spending habits
and i said to myself, i'm spending $100 on alteil jz for the EX packs which won't even make me win consistently
(or $100 buying packs with horrible pull percentages)
while i can just spend $10 bucks on UR, play the market, win consistently, and i can even make money out of it
comparing the fun factor, it's jz about the same. i get entertained in UR the same way in alteil
so why not jz switch game and save me money? this way i can still see my favorite movies without having to give up gaming
besides, i can return to alteil anytime the game has become reasonably priced or has fixed some of its balance issues
so for now, my discretionary funds goes to UR

what really got me excited into UR is that its development team is so abreast with new developments
UR now has an iPhone app, is integrated into facebook, has a great tool for allowing the community to set up their own events with prizes and clints (gran equivalent) being awarded automatically to winners and the system set up so cheating cannot be done, and has a great guild tool. overall, support for this game is way more aggressive.
there are daily tournaments of different kinds which you can enter after every hour! (possible because average online players is around 1k or more as opposed to alteil's measly 100)
the game has so many ways for players to expand their card pool that it isn't disheartening at all to spend even jz a bit on the game


art - alteil>UR (no explanation needed. if you're still asking, go see their website)
gameplay - alteil>UR (again. self-explanatory. the depth in UR isn't in the game mechanics but in player psychology. UR is kind of like playing poker. bluffing and all)
community - UR>alteil (jz with the huge playerbase UR beats alteil. but that isn't the only thing. with alteil catering to the spikes, there are more pricks here than in UR)
cost/ratio - UR>alteil
support - alteil=UR (alteil's staff services are very personal and warm, but UR has a way more active staff. and with more players to take care of, that's something)
development - UR>alteil (it takes ages to implement anything in alteil)
bad pc/internet connection friendliness - definitely UR>alteil (with a very slow internet speed, i can still play UR. with alteil, i virtually need fast connection speed with no hiccups)
forum - alteil>UR (posts there needs moderator approval before it is posted. censorship = sucks)
storyline - UR>alteil (UR has a comics release every now and then, and all of it's cards have a background story you can read. alteil has like a lavato history compendium which isn't complete, with only a few characters' story being told. though alteil's story is obviously way more kick-ass and UR childish and quite simple, at least the storyline is moving, and every character are at least brought to life)
My goal is not to win, but to have fun.
But since winning is fun, I can't help but to make winning my goal.
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby 091888 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:38 am

good detail about both tcg , never see ppl talk post in that detailed .
for free players
alteil = slow for gaining cards rate
urban rivals = fast for gaining card rate

alteil maybe need more campaign and quests also missions too
to give free cards ( never mind it is giving crappy cards like bear killing man or something like this )
my suggestion is alteil gms can make up some quests ,campaign and etc
campaign and mission , both of them can divide into 4 spheres each sphere have its own campaigns and missions
missions covers from sneaking into solar kingdom to kill solar prince /verrlat and replace a fake one as new one
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby Eladin » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:14 am

i played urban rivals for a while before finding alteil. the most annoying thing about the game, was where they chose to inject the random variables. standard card games have it in their shuffle/draw aspect. alteil has it in their matched agility units and normal attack function targeting. where they have for the amount of damage you will actually do. this, i find, is absolutely unforgivable. there's nothing worse than doing the simple math, comparing it to the opponents, and still losing because at some point the game decides...nah, this round of your stupid little knives/balls/needles/whatever attack animation might be used for this character, will just bounce off the weaker character with no effect. horrendous. only draw is the relatively entertaining art, and evolution theme.
the fact that it beat Alteil is hard enough to imagine...the fact that the post put it at #1, is just plain unbelievable.
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby Politikas » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:27 am

Eladin, Urban has this little option called "no random" mode.

Oh. and WE NEED MISSIONS, way got more misions in Urban rivals again, now they have 390 diferent misssions to complete.
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby GonFreeces31 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:24 am

Just out of curiosity... Did anyone play the facebook game called "Tokyo Heroes"? I actually did that be4 UR... seems like it's a total 100% ripoff of UR.
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby Peralisc2 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:42 am

GonFreeces31 wrote:Just out of curiosity... Did anyone play the facebook game called "Tokyo Heroes"? I actually did that be4 UR... seems like it's a total 100% ripoff of UR.

Well is it completely free?
Alteil is pretty much well balanced. Sometimes you loose and sometimes the enemy wins.
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby GonFreeces31 » Thu Jun 24, 2010 4:57 am

Just as free as UR. Just I think the cards are lamer than UR counterparts. But almost everything else is like exactly the same. Is that even legal?
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Re: Alteil vs Urban Rivals

Postby Peralisc2 » Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:47 am

No idea ... there's also warstorm TCG on failtube.
Alteil is pretty much well balanced. Sometimes you loose and sometimes the enemy wins.
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