Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

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Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Peralisc2 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:54 am

Actually this guide is for every new player and here i am going to add all details, of which i am sick and tired to repeat every time i want to train a new player enough to put him on his feet. First of all this is a guide only for those that want to get better and more competitive and not general game information. This includes getting cards, deck building, strategies, promotional in game events that improve your card variety and even guilds. It's for free players and spending players, should it fail for free players or low spenders (which currently i think it dosn't), then it means there is some free player bashing done by the alteil system, or there is some card imbalance (which is more often the case).
I am going to even skip stuff like the introduction, registering and account settings: This means you have to find out the extras such as alteil story, out yourselves. If you want to be competitive right from the start even a bit, just follow my guide step by step the way i describe it and without questioning it. If you don't like my teachings, then just go back to your fun-playing, but this guide is something no new player should ignore!

Players must have patience to first learn game mechanics and all sorts of basics before they start to edit their decks or use up their gran or FM (fighting money).

Rule #1 When you first start, you should make 4 accounts (one for each sphere), right from the start. Nobody was born choosing the sphere that suits him best. There is FM lotto that allows you to gain the other starter cards, but if you don't take the journey from 0 with every starter you will gain far expierence in how you can progress and improve decks.

Rule #2 Then you go to mirrage master (a mini game inside of alteil; to get there click the purple button found on MY ICZER section inside the game). It's a "find the pairs"-type of memory game that gives gran once between one server mentainance time and the next. First click the beginner button and then select the 3 stars from the drop down menu, but if you have epierence with memory games click intermediate and then select 3 stars from the drop down menu. Find all pairs before the timer and your flip-tries run out and do this each day on all 4 accounts. There is currently no alternative to it of getting daily gran.

Rule #3 Learn the basics.

Mastering the basics of gameplay
Now you need to learn the game mechanics. You click MY ICZER and then the blue button (that got Alteil written on it). The tutorial that shows up after you select your sphere can be just skipped if you want. I did watch the tutorial when i first started but i only understood how sphere and SP works from it, the solo player training mode is probably much more useful than that.
Dueling with the bot in the solo arena (the dark green colored one) is the easiest way to learn the basics about dueling in alteil. Remember the bot dosn't lose its patience and will wait for ever for you to make a move, playing against the bot also has no negative effects on you, just make sure to play the level 1 first and adapt to it. The game mechanics are simpler than you can imagine so i won't go into detail about them, but the links below are those that really count and should be able to assist even the slowest learner:
- helps players understand basic terms and how attack, range and some skills work:
It dosn't explain counterskills but "Counterskills are triggered when the unit is hit, but does NOT go below 0 HP. (As opposed to Close skills, which are triggered when the unit is hit and does go below 0 HP)"
- helps players gain basic card types knowledge: ... statistics
There is also a backlash effect that you need to consider when playing any cards. First of all if 2 players play the exact same card (has to have exact same name) then both cards are "backlashed", they are sent to the graveyard and the SP invested in them along with whatever big plans you had for them are gone.
Then there is character backlash they follow the "there can be only one" rule, so even if my dalos is closed on the field, don't even try to play yours since you have to wait until it gets completely removed from the field and only then you may play him.
- helps players understand how exactly soul cards and soul skills work: ... soul_cards
There is something not true written about 3 LP soul skills there. They are not all bad, there are for example good soul skills such as Dance Macabre / Leilen, that in certain decks is a huge plus.
- This is the order of skill activation "Rank Up (only for Gowen), Openskill, Start Skill, Auto Skill, Action Skill, Counter Skill, Close Skill
All of these skills are AGI dependent. If a card has no AGI as in a grimoire, the order is randomly chosen, but grims always go first."
- This is the order units get removed "Cards die in a first in, first out style. That mean whichever card got closed (the card has lost all it's hit points and is flipped over) first, leaves the board first. This continues until all closed cards are removed from the battlefield. Cards that target a row or column of enemies work as such; if they kill more than one card, they die in number order. The battlefield position 1-9 determines which card leaves first.
As for Tempest, whoever casts Tempest, their cards die in order from 1 through 9 and then your opponents' cards die in the same order. Be careful with its usage!"

The Valuables - these are important to increase your card pool (following block of text is also for just knowing the basics)
To this category counts cards most of all, gran, experience, FM, point cards and award cards(the ones with a pink koala on them that are hardly ever found in the lottery, they give 150 gran). Avatar items are also very important even if they don't help you improve your decks, they improve your in-game avatar.
- FM is the easiest to get of all those and you get it by dueling in regus, crest or folrart arena (20 for losing a public game and 60 for winning a public game - i suggest you play only public games since private games offer half of that). You also get FM by playing mirage master after you completed your daily gran round, best level of getting FM from MM is the beginner 3 star.
With FM you can get point cards (currently 2500 FM = 1 point card :( ) and avatar items.
- Gran is obtained through special events, by playing at least once / week in regus, crest or folrart (You get 2 Gran for a win, 1 for a draw, and –1 for a loss. Also, there is a minimum of 10 Gran for every qualifying Iczer) or by simply purchasing it.
Gran is the easiest way that allows you to get cards.
- Expierence is gained only by dueling, loser gets always only 1 XP and winner gets [(diffrence in level if your level is lower)x2 +10 x1.5(if you play a public game)], those below level 20 gain extra 10 xp when they win.
It's important to level up since you get cards from leveling, here are the details: ... l_up_cards
- Point cards are gained from special events or with FM.
Point cards get you any card of your choice, that means they are very important at getting exactly what you want, so keep them for the 4 and 5 star cards, which cost 50 and 60 point cards per piece.
- Cards are also obtained from treasure battles, GM battles and some special events. Sometimes in the arena you get to see a card at the start of a game and if you win you get that card. GMs all drop a 3 star rare. (chances are you get a higher rarity card vs a player).
- There are potions in the shop that give you FM or treasure card chances or XP, but smart players ignore those, because they know the potions suck and are quite useless most of the time.

Rule #4 Duel at least once each week to get at least the 10 weekly gran.

Special Events
I will update this part as often as i can. Try to participate in all of these, they add more fun to the game and some help you know the game better. It's also much easier to learn the game and the cards and find out strategies by participating in these. Currently there is:
Beginner's Quest - anyone who newly joins the game gets an mail in his ingame inbox with quests, each time you comeplete a quest you get a reward and the quest itself helps you gain knowledge about some basics about the game. It's a one time only quest and do try to take this before reaching level 3.
Arakis' Quest - details here:
latest challange: level 1 cards - ... 2410-6710- (submission deadline 6/7/10)
Description: A very interesting contest that encourages a diffrent way of thinking from the ordinary. Sure you don't usualy struggle to find good level 1 combos or such, but for the sake of practice i suggest you should join this event since you never know when they gained knowledge might become useful. This contest seems to actually care how much of a "top dog" your submitted deck is, which is what makes it into a real challange. The submissions are judged by Arakis.
At the very least you could try to come up with some original and interesting idea for a quest, you never know how original your idea might be.
I have to say this a really great event, try to participate when you have time.
Community Managed Tournaments - details in the threads opened by those who felt like managing them (i managed some of those, give me five :o)
latest challange: Random Team 2v2! Details here: (tourney will be on 12th june)
Tends to have diverse and interesting types of challanges. Up till now it took place during the weekend.

Rule #5 Keep your gran and stick around for a while until you find out what cards you would like to get.
This rule applies to anyone and everyone who isn't rish or too damn good for his money, so he needs to get rid of them somehow.

Which cards should one get
Nobody knows that better than you! First of all you need to understand the strength of all or at least most cards so you do the right choice when deciding what set to buy from or if you should lotto. I suggest aiming for top decks or for cards that directly improve a bit or a bit more your deck. Note that in this game you can't always do gradual improvement since decks tend to be very different from eachother, even when it comes to top decks.
There are card reviews to help you decide what cards are better and what cards are lacking: ... =viewtopic
You won't find reviews for all cards there, but at least some of you might get enough help from those review threads. They are not 100% accurate since there are always small things left out when they are reviewed, but they are generally right about the cards.
- Keep in mind there are cards that counter specific combos or cards, those counter-cards are also important to get as long as you know you can actually include them in one or two of your decks once you get them.
- There are EX cards that are available to get exact copy of only for a limited time once they get released for the first time in the US version. After that there is only the chance to get them in the lottery and getting them with point cards is currently impossible, maybe one day they will fix that issue.

Rule #6 Try to know the players, it might help in many ways.

Enter the chat room and talk with the others. It's not like those guys discuss alteil most of the time, actually there is more talk about other stuff than about alteil (at least that's what i noticed). Nobody is discouraging you to start a topic you would like to talk about, also you don't have to join the currently most active chat, you could just create your own chat room with a different room title.
Currently there is that "scroll down" chat BUG, yes it's a bug and not a feature, it's a damn bug since it's bugging people and it would be nice if someone finally removes that.
Just ignore it for now until they finally decide to fix it and have a talk to other iczers. It's one of the ways to help out the game and there is room for everyone, or at least you can make a room for everyone's taste. Also when you duel spectate enter the duel's chat and see what others comment on the game or you might even ask questions to understand the decisions one made better.
To the chat rooms and generaly in games your avatar counts too, i really think that dropping a bit of FM at the start to buy some avatars that are a bit hilarious is important. Fancy or funny avatars sometimes start conversations between iczers (if they are amusing enough at least). It dosn't have to be extremly charming, but you got to admit that in most games decorating the character the right way means a lot, same goes for alteil, even if it's not very visible at first. Personally i first take care of spending my FM on avatars, not say that you have to do the same, but look there are even players that sometimes feel like getting back their FM spent on the point cards.

To "socializing" in alteil belongs creating or joining guilds. This is partially supported by the chat, with the help of the chat you might find easier players that you want to form a guild with. Having a guild means you could also request a guild forum for your guild only which will also have its own password. In your personal guild forum you could discuss strategies, in-game progress or other stuff with your fellow guildies.
If you are just looking to join one then check the weekly guild rankings ( and see which ones were there somewhere in the top, the higher the points, the more activity (usually) that guild has and mostly players from those guilds join the chat. So i say join at least to spy on them, it helps for sure. :lol: Look there are 1 player guilds that are there in the top, those guys don't communicate so much, otherwise they might join up with eachother and form a 4th or a 5th ... or an n-th top guild. Communication is very important, that's how Royal Flush appeared and i am trying to say that if people try hard enough they might create the next #1 guild that tops any other guild. There are also guild events, which encourages creating guilds.
Besides what kind of badazs can you be without in-game friends?

Rule #7 Practice makes the master. Outsmarting your opponent and good intuition can sometimes beat a stronger deck than yours!

Strategies & Finding Your Flow
- One must start first with trying out the all 4 spheres. Finding the sphere that fits you best is most important thing to do first, any sort of improvement is done better after that. I said to make 4 accounts one for each sphere to see for yourself which one suits your best, but beware since there is a best choice there is also a second best choice ... make sure to test long enough the spheres so you don't pick the 2nd or 3rd most fitting one for you. Otherwise it will take extra time to adapt to the playstyle of that other sphere instead of actually starting with the sphere that is easiest to learn for you. Also the refess and lawtia starters take time to become a bit better, that means it would be wise to play on them until level 10 or 15. Around that time you have an ok beginner card pool and can see for yourself if you can make anything better out of it than from the cards you have on your falkow or gowen account.
- Playing the other spheres also helps understanding the weaknesses and strengths and how most players might use them. You might also understand how the other spheres or decks work, by just playing a lot against them or seeing often how they are generally played. What you are learning is the flow of those spheres / decks. By knowing the flow you might be able to disturb it by outsmarting the opponent and also by adding 1-2 counters that you will use then when it hurts the most.
- You don't need to go through the strategy article section. There won't be anything there that this guide won't help more with.
"Card Spotlight" just reminds you of a card that probably has been ignored and dosn't matter anyway or of a card you get to see in use anyway and learn how others use it without wasting time to read that.
"Modifying Card Files" this is just a general idea section and the one current example listed there is not something i would recommend.
"Articles" section has general ideas of how the game works, but those just display facts and statistics. Something many people don't need to rely on when they play the game or build a deck. If you want go check it out, but know that it's something you must overcome and be able to not depend on, since once you know the flow of the game those will be completely useless. ( , seriously ignore the "combo spotlight" article)

What cards or card combos are good, is usually obvious or will be noted fast anyways, no article needs to tell you that and what the articles don't tell is decks in which they are good and exactly how those work, which is usually discussed between "alteil-friends" so that's another reason i recommend joining a guild.
This is all just theory and what you really need is practice and to observe and see for yourself how things work. So i suggest you check out the video section instead: ... =viewtopic
- Mastering the points above helps with understanding how decks work, so you have a basic idea of what they are made of. Because of this you might be able to easier understand what counters to add to your deck in order to win against a certain deck. For example you might be afraid as a new player of high levels, but if you understand how counters work (for example using fierte soul skill against big decks is a counter since it cripples their strategy) you know how to counter their decks and those "elite players" won't be anymore "a loss", they will be "xp bags" in case they are high level or they will be just another win in case you are about same level.
- Note that some people might add cards to their decks to overcome counters. For example stardragon deck can counter EM(eternal morning), but some add an assassin (a counter to big units such as dragons) in their soul cards to kill your dragon. That's a counter to the counter, but then you can also add a counter to that counter, which is shear winds played at the right moment (in case you have enough SP).

Rule #8 Whatever works, works. There is no room for second thoughts and don't let others decide for you what's good and what's wrong.
They are just hateful ignorants that care about their winning and their own fun (not about yours), so they come up with excuses that might sometimes sound "reasonable" enough for you to fall for it.

Deck building & Deck editing
- A deck first of all must have a specific strength that makes it stick out and by abusing that strength you are able to make a powerful deck. There are strong decks that have no real strength in any category, but they are able to hold their own and have decent or mediocre ways of countering the rival decks. Modified starters fit best into this description. Starter decks have average to low strength and overall only mediocre options to outplay the rival iczer, no direct counters, except for falkow since it has return and sylphs right from the start.
- At first it's good to just obtain few cards, try to slightly improve your starter deck and see how well the changes made have improved it. You don't need to rush anything, it's ok if you just keep the gran and study the cards available with gran purchase. At the same time note that even the regus and crest arena have observer options and viewing games there help you as a beginner with few cards more than spectating in folrart might help. At least if you aren't a hardcore spender it's good to first master what you got.
- The next step in learning how to build decks might be trying to imitate or even copy some stronger decks. You do need to have at least half the cards from the deck you try to imitate otherwise it will be an ugly useless mutant deck. Copy catting dosn't imply skill in deck building at all, but it helps you understand how decks work and look like, and by playing those decks you understand their flow.
- If you completed the above tasks or are at least half way done, you have a general idea of what cards you need and what to get and also you can still go back to cards reviews and check the forums and recent decks to see what of the new cards are used. So when there is an EX pack you can decide if you should keep the gran or not, you will be able at this point (in my guide) to know which of those cards or other cards directly improve your deck or allow you building up a new decks with a new type of flow that can hold its own.
- Whatever set we are in or whatever the card balance might be, it dosn't matter, same goes for the top decks, because what you want is to be able to beat even those eventually. Try to overcome with one deck all your obstacles, slightly modify and keep testing your new or older tweaked decks to be able to beat some of the nasty popular ones. You can end up copying, there is no issue in that, why should other play it and you not? Also you want to win, since that's the only way you justify you are good and nobody can deny it. And if a deck is overused by many players there will be the high chance of it getting a nice nerf bomb up its precious. For example, if you feel like it, then start also playing shrine knights, who cares about what others think, they are just mad they get beaten up and besides why not help at getting something outstandingly strong , that also makes the game boring, get a nerf?

Best weekly activity
Remember to duel in a ranked arena (regus, crest and folrart) only after you mastered a bit the basics, there is a week time to get that 1 duel (win or loss) for the 10 gran. After you win or lose that 1 duel take care of the other things that help you gain something:
- play on the other 3 accounts you made to understand how the other spheres work
- check out the special events that are currently up and try to participate in all or at least most of them
- then after completing the 2 tasks above and in case you won that last duel and feel like dueling again in a ranked arena, go for it.
Otherwise (in case you lost) go to training arena or to the solo arena, to fight against other players there. Also in those 2 arenas you can test decks that you built yourself. In case you don't want to play just go spectate some games or do something else. Just remember that first you need to improve and be able to grab the game complexity well enough to duel in a ranked arena.
- avoid losing! In order to do that switch decks, build new decks if necessary and test them, have some counter decks ready for when people overplay a certain deck (for example people overplay shrine knights so your move should be to play something that can counter them, star dragon or lycan rush might help sometimes ...) Fact is nobody will give you wins or gran or treasure battles for free unless they are very careless, so you need to fight for it.
- try visiting the chat room or at least open your own room with whoever knows you more or likes to talk to you

Below you can see a guide for each sphere. I will even list there top meta decks for each sphere, probably not all, but it will help you counter them with what you have and also those guides are meant to help you out with the sphere or starter deck of your choice.

This is the end of my general guide about how to play alteil and those that wish to follow my lead can be my in-game friends.

Good Luck!
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Alteil is pretty much well balanced. Sometimes you loose and sometimes the enemy wins.
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Peralisc2 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:54 am

;a41 Refess

- is not the way the alteil game-info describes it. It's not a really lacking AGI so much overall and it has its fast units too that should really be taken into consideration when looking at the sphere. Also the game-info says it's an SP generating monster, not really, so if you want the "SP-generating-monster" sphere then play falkow instead.
Refess is all about buffing, protecting, defending, tanking (taking considerable lots of damage and being able to still stand), reviving and healing. The refess way of playing is by preserving, buffing and then letting something die at the right moment or summon something else to take a chance to steal hits from your main tankers. Also it's currently the only sphere with counterskills (which are skills that activate only when the unit gets hit and its HP dosn't go below 0, adding more to the tanking-damage theme), the counter effects usually buff the unit or deal damage (which can be viewed as a spiked shield). This sphere also has the most DF breakers or DF debuffers out there (guess one is very good at destroying what he can forge well). Refess also has morning units that can form a theme deck together and they have 2 lycans which can both pinpoint damage hits during a morning turn.
Expect the lowest AT (that will be buffed fast), decent agility and the best HP overall.

The refess starter is very dependent on how you manage your SP and the hits you get in a duel. Carelessly playing your level 3 tankers makes you lose the game very easy, you need some order in your play-style and take care of the buffing to reduce as much as possible the damage while at the same time trying to inflict damage. When upgrading it, i suggest to look out for all sorts of buffer and tanking combos and most of all better soul skills. The refess soul skills for a new refess account are so damn lacking that you might find very soon much better ones. These are the exact soul cards order and exact deck cards you get at first in your refess deck:
The file needs a bit of different card placement and i might not be the best at managing that with a refess starter, but my record with the refess starter is almost identical with my lawtia one, so i guess my minor improvement is just fine.
- First of all since refess is very dependent on managing your tankers and letting them die at the right time or bringing out an extra copy (i usually IF i bring a 2nd copy out, it's the 2nd priest of holy word or the 2nd acolyte, but even that needs good SS support) it would be good to add some of the available 2 LP SS in your soul card line up. Add a moonlight warrior 2nd SS that way early rush and late-game wounded units can be killed a bit easier.
- I would simply add a magic doll as 1st and 3rd SS to kill of the wounded left over units.
- Wisps are to be played for their openskills, to keep one important unit, such as folrart captain for example, longer alive. But having 2 wisps and 2 keserans is not a good idea. Keseran is not to be kept for long either, so 1 copy is enough aswell. You don't have much to replace the wisp and keseran with, add folrart shield knight if you like to be extra tanky. Shield knight gives more options for the early game and more stability at the same time. Rapid shot magic archer + blessing might be a good combo to have, but i suggest you keep her as an SS to kill of the late game annoying rival units. Sure if you add rapid shot archer, maybe you'd want to not replace 1 copy of wisp with shield knight so you can buff rapidshot late game, but this is what i think is the best change.
- Another though decision is to decide which SS to have as 3rd at first. Brutal inquisitor can bash rival units (so much for zugateroza lawtia late game) and rapidshot can hit 2 units but it also can kill one annoying enemy tank mid-late game. Elite Folrart Dual Wielder ain't a great SS for the starter, you won't go too high in sphere level, but as an unit he is decent if you have a 2nd wisps in your deck to heal him up a bit also i think he does much better comboed with blessing than Rapidshot which should stay in your SS instead.
Cards in your deck that you want to keep for a while until you get a serious card pool, are Lady Paladin, Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier, Folrart Captain and maybe also Griffin for having a very useful openskill and being a good temporary tank + damage dealer. Recovery powder, blessind, 1 keseran and maybe even 1 wisp are generally useful, so it's hard to tell how long you might want to keep those.
To get help at deciding what cards are best to improve, check the reviews ... =viewtopic and because there aren't reviews for all sets of refess, check the card list
From the EX cards most people want Boy Inquisitor / Cudgel, Sun and Birth / Weissvogel, The Angel’s Trumpet, Holy Knight / Lapierre and only some want EX: Sunlight Knight, Red General / Ruby Eater, EX: Right-hand Shield / Garfath, EX: Sun Tyrant / Gilensa.
My personal favorite is High Inquisitor / Fortune!

Although the refess starter is a tanking deck, it dosn't have only 1 play order or flow, it's amazingly flexible and adaptable, sure not as good as gowen, but it leaves quite enough room to decide and strategize when to play your units. Some want to start by building up the second row and place a wisp front row, i don't always do that, even if i know i actually face a fencer or combat monk.
My usual opening is Acolyte > keseran > recovery powder > level 3 ... and then build from there on. Remember to not focus too much on building 1 row of units. I usually keep 2 good tankers on 1 row and have some buffers or damage dealers behind. For example a safiria and a the folrart spear knight in the back (each on diffrent rows ofcourse). Spear knight is very good at taking down the rival 50 HP units and with folrart captain he gets enough damage to kill them in one blow. Remember i said it's all about how you play your units, well at the same time you must make sure to not waste all SP, keep some for your spear knight since he can then take down a level 3-4 and a backrow unit! Maximize tanking and damage output!
What units you play and when you play is very situational and intuitive. I sometimes play griffin very early along with dual wielder + some support, but other times i keep those both for late game. Honestly, it depends very much on the situation and even then there is not necessarily only one good path, so i suggest you run some test games against the NPC to see various flows of the deck.

I won't mention my refess smurf other than having done better than lawtia with it (did worst with lawtia this starter set), my card count also dosn't matter since there were lots of free gran events ...
From the lotto i got (among other stuff i didn't see as useful yet):
1x Heirat Horseman, 1x Feline Kin, 1x Haste Assassin, 2x Inquisition Raid leader, 1x Sunbeam Cage, 1x Blessed Armor Knight, 2x Novice Folrart Acolyte, 1x Girl Combat priest
- Heirat Horseman is a good addition because of the great buff it gives. I wouldn't have added it if i didn't have a level 4 card with mugh HP, such as Blessed Armor Knight. I just hate to get my buffed unit returned, besides i only can use that soul skill once. It's nasty and it might win the game on it's own.
- Feline Kin SS ain't the best but you have to abuse such soulskills while players aren't expecting it. Ofcourse when you encounter the player for the second time the magic is gone, but oh well, i still liked it and restricting oponent to 2 rows can be still helpful + you can still put units in front row and fool him you switched out your SS to then move units on row two before it activates or have it activated when you from row dies anyway.
- Haste Soldier has the potential to do close to nothing or do very useful spread damage. I liked to gamble with it.
- Inquisition Raid Leader's soul skill is simply there for the close endgame. It helps out a lot!
- Sunbeam cage is a must have at times when the other side is swarmed with units and the guy is about to also activate one of his SS. This spell card alone can keep you alive and prevent a loss + it's still great when you got a wounded army against another wounded army which is faster than yours.
- Novice Acolyte is cheap to bring out, gets AT buff from Folrart Captain and is tankier than wisp!
- Girl Combat priest was added for extra heals on the blessed armor knight and other units. I don't bring her out along with safiria, better to let them struggle more to take out the healers. Also allows units to not have to rest, perfect fit for the blessed armor + heriat horseman SS. ^^
Note: Combat Girl is a great counter to heirat horseman SS, besides you also have Folrart Captain!
Gameplay Video: N/A
Played that quite a short while. It's hard to fool oponents a second time, but i did manage it somehow. The opening is a bit too hard to set up. The deck was either easy win or easy loss. Although this deck was tricky to play, i still aimed for an even more trickier deck!
3x Novice Acolyte and 3x Blessed Acolyte ensure an easy set up for flag bearer and hanuman. The opening is not for keeps, but it's really great to rush through the oponent's deck and waste some SS, at least it magically worked for me. ^^
Gameplay Video: N/A
Since this starter set i didn't get some exciting enough additions for my refess starter i'll keep the mention about the mention about the set 3 starter, which is actually still good in strength for crest!
- Seraph SS slot and boy priest first, because that gives SP first and let's you have a more flexible opening on what to play next.
- Mad priest SS for extra precision at taking out the stuff that's bothering me. Really it's great to have something pinpoints+engages dalos and fencer or even mercenary (althought cared less about this guy since he is not that big of an issue for star dragon).
- I added the random stuff the lotto gave me, which i think is quite decent:
1x star dragon, 1x holy dragon, 1x guardian sphinx (which is actualy the one i got from the start), 1x folrart guardian, 1x shining pants knight, 1 priest of holy word and 2x keseran paseran.
- Star dragon's repel damage and his good stats don't even have to be discussed. Holy dragon has also good stats and can debuff AT of opponents which can mean a lot since you want to keep as much as possible the star dragon alive.
- I added sphinx because although his skill is costly, damn having any unit revived whenever you got enough SP means much more than having to have an extra copy, besides it would still be good even after my 2 dragons died since then i would get a huge amount of SP, spam what i got in my deck and also be able to revive. Ain't that great?
- Priest of holy weapon can DF break the stuff that wants to avoid star dragon's full repel hits and it has autoheal on top of that!
- Guardian and shining pants are more like safety measures, as phoenix is. The difference is that they are level 4 and easier to bring out to help with stalling and tanking some random damage, besides guardian also has repel damage.
Gameplay Video: N/A

Top refess decks don't necessarily rely on tanking, but usualy they rely on buffing, probably all of them have buffers and DF breakers. That seems to be the most common thing for refess top play and i think generally all of them are SP and "damage tanking/damage output" managing dependant.
I would add some replays if i could and below is the info about refess top decks which. Feel free to share any top deck data you want with me, since i will use it to add it here and credit goes to you ofcourse.

refess deck ideas:
Big Refess: lots of variations, mostly ones that include stardragon and salamander are prefered. Guardian, Garfath and Retear along with sunlight knight SS are the easy way to start trying out this theme.
Eternal Morning: Basically Verlaat + Weissvogel to keep it morning and generate SP and orphen with cudgel for some extra damage out. Soul skills may vary greatly from user to user, but a good start might be sergis SS and rapid flying aprentice SS.
Shrine Knights: Just droped level 2 and 3 shrine knights into one deck, add key of holy realm, maybe 1 hero strike and call it a deck.
Holy Knight Lapiere deck: Add the strongest level 2 and 3 units you got in your collection along with Holy Knight lapiere and saphiria + some support grim and you got yourself a strong deck!

Also worthing got a really nice refess file posted:
Use it as support for any low level theme refess deck.
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Alteil is pretty much well balanced. Sometimes you loose and sometimes the enemy wins.
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Peralisc2 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:55 am

;a39 Lawtia

- is mainly about timing and precision in your play style and play order may or may not bring out huge potential from your cards. This sphere contains cards that are night units (get bonuses at night time, but are generally weaker during the day or very weak in case of lycans) or that drain SP or that instantly kill other units or low+average and sometimes high agility units (they are not mainly focused on speed and might be outclassed often in that category, their agility is ment to help with timing) and also quite many low or average HP units, also they have cards that are killing ally cards to then deal damage to oponents (it does have quite many suicidal elements like that, that if timed well can give a nice advantage). A lot of lawtia strategies imply letting units die, more than in other spheres.

The lawtia starter is very weak and unfocused at the beginning. Your deck won't have a certain theme and the deck might be improved over time in all direction, depending on your luck at the cards. This is the lawtia starter deck that you get when you first start, exact soul card order and these exact cards are in your deck:
But you have there some extra cards and you can move the ones you have around a bit to improve the deck.
- First of all that 3rd soul card (the assassin) is poorly placed between two 1 LP soul cards which might often make it backfire. Also i would actually consider using it if lawtia units wouldn't be so low on HP and would be more like gowen which also abuses the same SS just as much or if the lawtia had some spirits that you could make more use of in the middle of the game like sylph or undine. Neither is the case, so do yourself a favor and take it out, unless you want to be extreme on the handicap. Elite Crest Knight is a better choice, although right now i'll put lilith as 3rd SS.
- 4th soul skill should be something that gets rid of late game annoying units. Invisible Druid is the best choice for that, go play the beginner's quest until you get invisible druid so you can compete properly in the ranked arena. (it used to be in the starter, but for some reason they took it out and left soul bind in there) You could have assassin as 4th SS if you feel it's that much better, but in that case i bet you swarmed your field with too many useless units and now want to get rid of them. Anyways, 4th SS is a much better place for assassin since at that point the game won't be so hard to manage. 3rd slot is quite timing and planing intensive spot. Invisible Druid is my choice and it's good to remove rival dalos and bring out your own dalos.
- There is an animted death in the deck and it really dosn't belong there (dosn't belong anywhere to be fair) so it would be wise to replace it as soon as possible. But there far more weaker units in this starter so you have no choice but to keep it and use it as a late game Zugateroza, but make sure to kill lady paladin or any other undead counters before you get it on the field.
- Haste Soldier is generally too expensive and too easy get killed ... it will probably do nothing other than costing you a set turn and 1 LP. I know you might want to use it in order to remove some overbuffed unit, but whoever can buff their unit impossibility of killing might also have some dragon breath in his deck.
I recommend using castle wight instead or elite crest knight you have serious issues with DF which might often be the case, but castle wight is less costly and thus allows more flexibility. Also players get a salamander from beginners quest, it will be increadibly easy to gain a way to ruin haste soldier which is terrible anyway.
Here's my starter deck version:
It's much better and more reliable for sure! There are still cards that you might switch off with something else once you get better ones. Those are:
1 copy of shade (chance is high), magic shade soldier (although it helps with draining at times), magic doll and maybe castle wight (in case you dont get more copies of him). Leonardo and Echidna aren't that great either and i would keep only 1 lycan. Night soul is still good, but very situational.
Remember to discuss with alteil-friends / guildies or ask on forum what would be great to add to your deck or check the lawtia review threads: ... =viewtopic (unlike the other spheres, lawtia has a review for every set, i made sure of that :P)
From the lawtia EX cards what some lawtia player want Igina, Rutina, Leilen or blood mother for certain types of decks. I like Assassin team for being tanky, although slow. Death Dragon and King Zugateroza are mediocre end game units, use at your own risk.
EX Night Walker Riza is what many players want. I still like Fortune more than any of these.

The best opening is leonardo and then shade in my opinion (but will get countered by a witch opening), although some would prefer first shade then a level 3 unit (magic shade soldier or revenant). Play leo on last row and then put shade on the second row (try to avoid adding units on same row / column) then play a level 3 units that you think might fit best the situation (check the unit stats and skills for that, maybe a revenant to protect leonardo better). Shade will die early and activate your elder druid SS which gives you a total of 3 SP and lets you summon easier level 3 units.
It's a good idea to play 2 level 3 units on the side columns and put a magic doll in the middle, because it won't only boost AT, but it will also give a chance that the doll dies instead of your important tankers.
Don't just spam the spell cards or throw them in at random, play them when you think that they give you most advantage (you have to rely on intuition a lot here). Late game or even mid game when 1 or more tankers die, get out your dalos (then when you think it's most favorable). You have to think of putting an end to your opponent's LP and deck for good as soon as possible, don't let him develop his strategy or have a chance to recover.

My lawtia smurf didn't do so well. I tried initially to rush the oponent with haste soldier soul skill (which is good unlike the unit), but then more and more got lucky on getting the super buff soul skill that gives +30 AT / +30 DF. Lawtia has serious issues with DF, so it was harsh until i got hanuman SS.
Once again i recommend you try to do 15 gran MM every day and think a bit before spending your gran. Knowing how to value your cards is important and if you get lucky with a 3 star (for example) or any other card you have to know if it's good in your deck or in your SS or if it will turn out to be good later on. Some 3 star or above cards are probably no time soon good at all so i recycled Steel and lotto-ed the gran to get a larger card pool. I don't recommend you do the same, but when you do, make sure it's really something you won't need. I kept all 1 and 2 stars from the other spheres, lawtia tends to need external help!
I got from lotto and level up at first (on top of cards from other spheres that i didn't need but i kept):
2x lycan scylla, 1x lycan hanuman, 1x alraune, 1x dalos, 1x legion, 2x criminal edge, 3x dragon breath, 1x soul pact
- added the scyllas as first two SS. Controlling his field to your likings does help with gaining a good SP advantage, so i aimed for that.
- finally gotten hanuman and the terrible times of 30/30 were starting to fade away, i felt relieved!
- added the dragon breaths to kill off support, low HP units or wounded left over units at the most inconvienent time. You can rush very easy that way through your oponent.
- criminal edge ain't that great, but it shouldn't be used on it's own. It's good late game for taking out annoyances or units the oponent dosn't want to let die and lose LP! Must take care of that for sure, right?
- the mind soldiers were used as support for dalos, either played before dalos (to get all the damage focused on himself), as backup for dalos or sometimes after dalos failed and got taken out by something.
- sure legion ain't a great shade replacement. But didn't encounter many lawtia decks, so i figured i shouldn't care that much, besides i managed to outplay the oponents in mirror games with ease and that -1 SP couldn't change anything, not for my oponent against me and not for me against non-lawtia decks.
I didn't make many changes from there on. The set up and all of it was so good that i reached folrart in almost no time.
- had to move hanuman to 2nd slot to better and easier get rid of the super buffed units.
- fenrir is a much better lycan than leo if you play only 1 copy and i kept legion because he is level 1. People don't realise how useful legion can be.
- removed shade soldier because there is no need for semi-non-factors in my deck and added something that makes my deck much stronger! 2 ouversouls to return copies of dalos from the graveyard.
- the undine is for bothersome decks like SK (yes i beat an SK file with this, but it's not easy at all) or sometimes undine is helpful to win an important AGI roll.
And that's about the time i stopped playing that account, things gotten quite annoying and lot's of super counter decks were showing up, along with returns.
Gameplay Video: N/A

I'd like to keep here my set 3 starter mention about a lawtia rush file that was quite strong altough damn trick demanding to play.
- Legion and succubus are good cards to improve this deck directly, there is rats to support them and the diosaur SS (soul skill) can buff your units for 1 round and give a nice advantage. I took out the magic dolls and replaced them with the 2 legions and 1 succubus.
- I placed diosaur as first SS and elder druid as second SS. Now the deck can have a decent lycan rush start. Leo first turn, then play lilith or legion (to then play a level 3) or play succubus and then rats and shade. It's all about placing lycans in safe spots or even the shade (and let legion die once to protect it for a turn) and after succubus or the shade or the rats died, diosaur SS will activate and boost your unit swarm. You might make it this way to next night turn with just low levels and then play some level 3 unit. Note this opening is extremly vulnerable to witch opening (if there is one witch you could flesh recycle it, but that might also slow you down with field set up).
- Night Wing Wyvern is occasionaly good, if timed correctly it can cripple a bit your opponent by draining SP. I took out the shade to add the wyvern, which actually can weaken my opening if i don't play it right, so if i didn't have 2 legions on top of the 2 leos i wouldnt have made this change. The wyvern has also 50 HP and 3 RNG, like the castle wight he is good in backrow to deal some extra damage every round, but i tend to just place it front row and let it die off.
- The skeleton master SS removes one card from your deck which can be bad in close games. So i replaced it with guardian sphinx because lawtia dosn't rely on DF most of the time.
Gameplay vid: N/A

All lawtia top decks are focused on timing mainly (at least the most succesful ones). They have a decent number of theme decks but some of those themes should be avoided to build a deck of (dutchy of crest for example currently is not something i would take into folrart since it's just mediocre or even below that).
Current lawtia top decks are: Undead theme, lycan rush, eternal night (there are several types here, not only lycans + eskatia + more night support), mid lawtia, dark emperor decks and few more.

Here a few lawtia deck ideas and images.

There's lycan rush: Mainly an improved rush of the last deck displayed above. Here's an old version of my lycan rush deck (there were a plenty of variations, but i remember this as the last and more stable version)
I finally got my second eskatia shortly before i was interested in a long break. Just want to point out eskatia less lycan rush was possible at some point in time.
Mid lawtia : Level 4 to 6 lawtia units (mostly level 4 and 5) + some support from sylphs or refess oversouls and soul return if you feel like it. Good units to include are dalos, XXXX, moonlight assassin, dical, afel, belus and zugateroza for end game.
Command Models decks are a strong point of lawtia, probably best option for lawtia right now. I'd recommend this theme if you are into lawtia.

Big-Mid lawtia was strong for a while. It included zu-jyuva and some mid level units. Now not so great anymore, play at your own risk against all the high level units strong counters out there.

Also there were lots of variations of EN (eternal night) decks. Moonlight assassin, moonlight warrior and eskatia were basic units for it.
There's also an Undead themed file, which ain't doing well these days, but it's still decent.
Crest theme decks were never really strong and currently i never get to see them played. Set 7 might change this.
Non-character magic dolls were weak even at release. I don't recommend them.
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Alteil is pretty much well balanced. Sometimes you loose and sometimes the enemy wins.
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Peralisc2 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:55 am

;a40 Gowen

- is all about damaging, destroying and obliterating. Gowen has speedy units generally hard hitting ones and has other units with decent HP or even good tankers (roar of courage / brave), also it has the most damaging spell cards. It also has it's share of strong tankers. The units are generally stand alone and rarely dependent on others. It has the most flexible playstyle of all. What you need to take care of is managing the damage output and the SP (so you can add more units or play more spells). They also have the unique sphere skill to rank up and get a stats boost when you raise you sphere level high enough, generally it's good to have units that rank up at same sphere level, which is one of the things that does make them dependant on eachother.

The gowen starter is very good and can be improved the easiest of all. When you try to improve you will mostly think about making it more damaging. Gowen dosn't necessarily limit itself to that, but that's what most like to do with it, go for the extra damage.
It dosn't probably need a change at all and you can just play it as it is when you start, but i like to focus the files i play more on countering the decks that i might encounter and based on my playstyle. I first tested it unchanged and made the changes as i felt necessary.
- spores still need to be in the deck for an easier activation of the dryad soldier SS. Took out one alraune for that, yes alraune is great, but you don't need 3. It does remain a personal preference.
- alternatively you can remove fire tornado to add the spores and keep all copies of alraune. I removed the fire tornado to add the magic dual wielder because i like to abuse high AGI with gowen.
What you should try to replace are the soul skills first of all. I'm sure you will find better ones fast, such as scylla for example, seems to be a common pick at gowen level ups. Also the Ork is easy replaceable since a sphinx SS won't hurt gowen, they don't really depend on DF unless you play mercenary or some DF buffing SS.
Kurina might be a good opening that preserves SP, is fast, buffs the AT of allied units, but i don't see gowens want to use it so much. There is a new fancy feline fighter that can't be attacked with attack action, so units that lack any specials skills or if you lack grims, you cant kill it. But even before that feline fighter came out, some players replaced kurina with something else. You can replace Kurina with Tiger too.
Boomerang fighter, magic dual wielder and magic weapon don't seem to be appreciated anymore. Fire Storm Wyver might often fail and ain't very reliable later on, but for a start he is great.
Check the reviews ... =viewtopic to see what cards might be nice to have and because there aren't reviews for all sets of gowen, check the card list
Good gowen EX cards: Fire and Gaia / Rougeerst, EX: The Magician / Primrose, Flame of Hatred / Dullin, Lost Magic Doll / Esria (which actually is good with the lawtia dolls, just got lost in gowen), Gun Princess / Yuni (a must have), EX: Shield Coat / Fierte, EX: Girl Mercenary, Vicious Phantom / Belltia
Situational but still good: EX: The Red Mantle / DeFau, EX: Brave Mercenary / Dilate, Blaze Knuckle (well ok this guy is competing on lack of AGI, but he's still good), Roar of Courage / Brave, EX: Amazon

The idea of the gowen starter is to deal more and more damage. Outnumbering your opponent sure counts to that, but even if gowen is easy to learn, it's not easier to master, for example take care at your unit placement and make sure they kill as little as possible. It's kind of the reversed mentality refess has, refess combines units, while gowen has self-centered-ego-maniacs that compete with eachother and try to prove themselves on top of the rest.
Instead of having to preserve SP for healing, you will have to preserve SP for damaging, although there are some gowen cards that are very refess-ish, such as fairy dance which increases HP of your units and the dryad which gives DF buff.
The opening i like best is spore > kurina > wyvern / monk / highland > slamander / alraune > etc ... It really gives room for a lot of continuations and it's very flexible for sure.

I didn't have to do much editing to my deck on my gowen smurf. Quite soon i found a good combo to rush through the rest of crest and even beat to a pulp some of the nasty folrart lower level decks. Still failed vs mercenary nation with EX fierte, mainly because they got lots of HP and speed and fierte also buffs their DF.
The cards i thought were important from the lotto and few level ups were:
1x scylla, 2x earth dragon, 1x inquisition raid leader, 1x balls of flame, 1x boomerang warrior, 1x fairy dance, 1x lava river, 1x dragon breat, 1x fire arrow
- scylla for easier control over oponent's field
- earth dragon SS always helps with the kills, since gowen usually goes up to 5 into sphere level
- balls of flame is incredibly useful to wipe the floor if you get swarmed
- lava river is situational but i just wanted to have more damage grims and had no better option
- dragon breat good to take out the support

Since this set i didn't have many exciting changes, i keep here the mention about my set 3 gowen starter.
- Cynthia as 3rd SS. It might be troublesome against the 0 shrine knight, i guess undine, sylph or fire arrow might solve that issue.
- I added a salamander to be able to play 2 and still keep 1 in case something happens, also it lets me manipulate my SS timing better. Miracle fruit was obviously added for the unicorn, although i might be forced sometimes to play it early to avoid returns and had only 1 back then on that account. Still it's better to just outplay the returns somehow and then late game kill 2 extra units that aren't level 5 or above.
- 2 fire arrows at least should be in any common gowen deck.
I guess this deck was very good, at least much better than i expected. I did then a lot of testing, even tried earth dragon as an unit, but didn't have SP generating spells and gave up on it since it was lacking because of the lack of those spell cards. Eventually i only slightly improved my deck, but the additions did make a huge difference.
- Finally removed lightning archer to add mercenary, which is a quite strong 2nd row unit that helps out a lot against high HP units or strong tankers.
- Removed 2 copies of salamander because i felt that blitz soldier helps out a lot more with a bit of tanking damage and besides i wanted a free slot to add magic weapon for the mercenary so he gains faster strong AT.
- In case you play Merc late game, then you should switch unicorn SS out with an earth dragon SS or something else.
Gameplay Video: N/A

Gowen at high level play is a lot about damage and damage and damage again, but also about managing your SP to have enough to spam your fire arrows at the most uncomfortable moments for your opponent. Decks in this sphere differ from eachother in unit choice, since players have different preferences and also because the sphere allows it, with all the good stand-alone strong fighters. When playing a deck make sure that the SP needs of 2 units don't overlap and use units that rank up at almost same sphere level, on top of that you have to decide which strong unit fits best with what other strong units.
Nothing much to worry about, other than SP management and summoning the right damage dealers at the right time. Most simple sphere.
Below are few ideas for gowen decks - common characteristic of gowen decks is lots of grims:

- The most common and overplayed one is modified gowen starter. It's simply the best starter and it's just that great!
- Big red is around since set 2 and never stopped to be a pest. Common units for it are Allind, Bringer and Athira Shin, some also add volcano wyvern. They also tend to open with pullermia so they can use meaning of failure because it has a chance to generate much faster SP than other SP generating grims.
- Gowen Monsters are also very strong, with rhino, gorila, forest of hate, tiger and few more extra units you can be sure to break lots of decks into pieces.
- Gowen swarm + fierte SS is common since set 3 and it keeps getting better and better!
- Mid gowen has it's presence too here and there. Ofcourse it has many variations.
Often it's just a mix of Heirat Kingdom units, which is a strong theme in itself!
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Alteil is pretty much well balanced. Sometimes you loose and sometimes the enemy wins.
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Peralisc2 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:55 am

;a38 Falkow

- is the control greedy sphere. Many falkow cards have something to do with manipulating, more than in any other sphere. They got pin-pointers, field removal skills, agility manipulating skills, spell cards manipulating skills (removing and returning), they even got units that do damage based on number of use of spell cards, many engage unit(s) skills, skills to move units on the field and they even got SP drain (well not the return mechanics alone, i mean the wrath of constellations card). Unit combos is part of their strategy but not their main strength.
Falkow is also the best at generating SP and the best at agility decks, their units might not always be the fastest but some agi buffs solves those issues. They got also good tankers which have low AGI as a drawback.

It's a strong starter that can hold it's own, it's just not as easy to learn and understand as gowen. It does take more practice to get used to it, but what it can do, once you fully understood it, is outstanding.
- Overall it dosn't need much of a change. But the 4th Soul Skill is a bit too weak and unfitting for late game so i recommend switching it out with a Djinn.
- You could remove a sylph or the flanking attack to add then Singer of Friendship to the deck, but with 1 copy i wouldn't take that step, because you don't know what means the oponent has to kill it and make you just gain -1 LP for 1 set turn.
- Witch SS early is great and probably shouldn't be switched out, but i'd prefer row damage for low level decks.
- The moonlight warrior is added as second SS so you can have a bit more freedom at playing the sylph whenever you feel like it and don't get too many SS activated from getting them killed at the same time.
As you gain cards, try to replace Wizard Archer of Regus and some of your SS, those really don't help that much, at least i know i am not depending on them enough to justify keeping them in the file. The song sorceress is quite fragile and i at least don't like to rely on her so i would rather have something else in her place too. Flanking attack might be useful depending on your playstyle, but often it becomes just situational and you then search for something to switch it out with.
Check the reviews ... =viewtopic to see what cards might be nice to have and because there aren't reviews for all sets of falkow, check the card list
Good falkow EX cards that people want: Sea and Wind / Bulerigid (good soul skill at least), Magic Dancer / Chiruru (great SS), Sword of Glory / Foveontsa and EX: Wizard Soldier of Regus (both must have cards if you want to play mainly falkow)
Sometimes useful EX cards: EX: Azure Dragon - East / Vordore (some players like the SS very much), EX: Evangelical Hymn / Gospel
Overall, not really exciting EX cards, but they are all about "tricks", just like the lawtia ones.

Many iczers like to open with haste > song sorc > level 3 (most likely fencer). Against gowen i suggest you open haste > skip / level 1 (sylph) > sea hunter (if they play level 2 units / fencer if they play axeman early on > femiel if you think they start to swarm and continue from there on, also the idea of one early sylph is to let it die early to then activate magic doll and kill some nasty stuff (gowen tends to put all on one row, well most gowens at least). There is not much to say about the flow of the falkow starter, it's pretty much obvious what to play next and it's also timing dependent like lawtia, but more control "flavored".
Wizard archer is also a good way to lure their salamanders out. I would combo it with a haste assassin SS or a man eating tiger SS.

The cards i considered good enough to include in my deck, from the lotto draws and level up picks:
1x Holy Realm Knight/Sergis, 1x Inquisition Nun / Cynthia, 1x Girl Combat priest, 1x Lycan Hanuman, 1x Return, 1x Combat Sorceress, 1x Wind Sorceress / Femiel, 2x Carrier [Singer of Friendship]
- Sergis SS is really good at killing annoying pests. Even DF buffs can't block it.
- The combat priest girl and hanuman can each take out one unit to weaken the enemy field.
- Cynthia is great way to take some break from getting attacked and also a way to kill some heavy tankers and field wipe while you are at it.
- Carrier Singer of Friendship is meant to be played late game since then your copies of your Mermaid Warrior are in the graveyard and even if they aren't, Singer of Friendship has great stats!!
- Sorcerer Monk is also a late game unit that is meant to take care of what's left of the oponent. Adding a 3rd copy is really important.
- The addition of a 3rd Femiel is obvious. The longer your army stays fast, the better. Although i would try to switch her out with something. ^^
- A second return is a really great addition. I used returns mainly to remove the tankers from the field, kill the backrow and then if lucky even iczer attack! But mainly for removing what's left on the field and dealing iczer attacks!
Gameplay Video: N/A

Since there wasn't much need for a spectacular change to the falkow starter afterwards i decided to keep the mention of my falkow set 3 starter deck:
- After some more lotto, i got another inquisition raider leader, which i obviously put in 2nd SS right away. Pinpoint is always better than random.
- Since i had a moonlight warrior i had to place it some where and as first SS it isn't really that helpful. It's not very damage dealing, so even if i engage 2-3 units, i probably won't have enough units out to bring down what i engaged there, have two moonlight warriors on that account really scylla is much better as first SS. It's good for mid game for sure.
- Got two undine soldiers and since i like the "overwhelm with level 3s and return" falkow tactic and also there was the guardian issue (it's good to decrease her RNG and then hit her, she can counter all she wants afterwards), i removed the song sorceress and the freezing lance.
- I hardly ever used tempest so i thought i better add in the magic weapon. Also i didn't care about slowing down opponents anymore (probably a bad idea), so i replaced undine with dryad, that extra 10 DF on the right unit can be really frustrating for your opponent.
Gameplay Video: N/A

Falkow top decks are obviously all centered on control and manipulation (although some focus half of their deck on some level 5-7 tankers). Strong falkow decks will also have a strong combo, usually a mage knight with wizard kingdom units that get their agi strongly buffed. The 1 thing falkow seems to focus more than on anything else (even more than on agi buff) is return, you will rarely see falkow decks that don't try to return your units, in which case they might have asssassin SS. Field removal is falkow's common sense.
Few falkow top deck idea:

- Mainly Wizard Kingdom with returns, Elite Fencer as tank and some support units like Sword of Glory. Drop some sylphs, have an assassin soul skill or 3 and take apart anything that on your oponent's field.
- Mirelia decks are a hot topic, since she can get back used grims back to your card file. Have Alna and a mid level punching bag in your deck. Elite Fencer might be good addition too. Have plenty of meaning of failures and returns to take apart their field and have nothing left to fight with. Some strong soul skills, oversouls to get copies of Mirelia back and life is good.
- Big Blue used to be really strong, but not anymore. Mainly a deck focusing on returns and plenty of damage.
- Mid-Big Blue also ain't great, had some renallies in it, some vonderams, alna and somehow it magically brought wins to me! It was something like this:
Alteil is pretty much well balanced. Sometimes you loose and sometimes the enemy wins.
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Maiav » Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:44 pm

Just felt like Saying a big thank you for all the word you did here.I started playing this game today and was total clueless.Thanks for givin me a chance to fairly improve and enjoy the game Further.Thanks again.
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Peralisc2 » Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:19 am

You welcome! ^^

Ah and finally a first reply, lol. All the others said thank you in the chat or during a match.
Alteil is pretty much well balanced. Sometimes you loose and sometimes the enemy wins.
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Romdeau » Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:10 am

Peralisc if it's ok with you, I think I'll move this thread to Lapierre's as I think it receives more traffic then this forum.
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby etphonehome3 » Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:46 am

i found this on google search and reading some it looks very useful. It may be a bit outdated since it was 2 years ago but most of it is still useful. I wonder if your still playing the game
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Re: Guide for my new player friends: How to become a BADAZ!!

Postby Romdeau » Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:23 am

He is not, unfortunately. He gave up his account and picked up Starcraft 2. Haven't heard from Peralisc since.
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