Current Challenge

The Details

Coordinator: Arakis
Begins: Approximately 12:00 PM EST Monday mornings
Ends: Precisely 12:00 PM EST Monday morning two weeks later

Arakis' Quest is a card file-building contest, much like Challenge of the Fortnight and Across the Spectrum. Each time it runs, a specific condition will be presented, and only cards that meet this condition can be used to construct your contest entry.Whether this affects soul cards, and whether any exceptions to the rule can be allowed will be specified each time a new iteration of the contest begins.

What are these conditions? It could be any number of parameters, such as every card must be of a certain rarity (or range of rarities). Maybe only cards with start skills will be allowed. Maybe only grimoires. There are many possibilities. Once the conditions are set, your job will be to construct a card file using only "legal" cards. The goal is for your file to be competitive: How good is it at winning? Unlike Across the Spectrum, where synergy between spheres is key, the only thing you need to worry about here is making your file work well in play. You can go multi-sphere if you like, or limit yourself to one, unless of course the current condition specifies anything regarding sphere(s). It's not necessary to own every card that's in the deck you design--theoretical card files are welcome.

Please note that only one entry will be accepted per player. This includes alternate accounts, so you can't get around this rule by submitting additional entries using an alt. Once you have everything together, email your entry to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Be sure to include the following:

  • Your Iczer name
  • Your File's name (if it has one)
  • A full card list that also includes the soul cards (in order)
  • A description of how the strategy works, including opening sequences, if applicable
  • (optional) If you have access to premium features, you may also submit a REPLAY URL of your entry in play. This can help illustrate the intended strategy.

Files will be judged on the basis of:

  • Effectiveness (Is it a viable deck when played in an official arena?)

Judging will be based on play testing of your entry. Entries will first be tested against a randomly selected NPC opponent, and thereby narrowed down to the five best contestants. These final five will be tested against a randomly selected meta-level file. If multiple entries are very similar, ONLY the entry that does the best against the NPC will advance to the finals. Therefore, doing something unique (as long as it doesn't fall on its face) will definitely increase your chances of reaching the final 5, but not necessarily of winning. This will continue until one entry stands out (either by winning or by being beaten down less severly then the others). Your best bet would be to design your file to be able to deal with, as much as possible, a variety of strong opponents.

It's recommended that before entering, you review past winners of Arakis' Quest. As time goes by and similar ideas for the contest occur, the chance of conceptual repetition will increase. In order to make your entry stand out better, try to avoid (within reason) duplicating a strategy that was already used by a previous winner. But if you do want to reuse an idea, try to include enough changes and/or improvement that it can stand as its own concept. Please note that this guideline applies primarily to previous first place winners, and less so to runners up.

In the event that a new set of cards is released during an Arakis' Quest submission period, those new cards will not be eligible for inclusion in your entry. Only the cards that were previously released when the submission period begins may be used in any given Quest.

The Prizes

  1. 20 Point Cards for 1st place
  2. 5 Point Cards each for 2nd through 5th place
  3. 2 Point Cards each for 6th through 10th place
  4. Bonus prize - 10 Point Cards (see below)

Arakis' Quest events will be announced on Mondays, and will last for two weeks. Then there will be 1 week for judging, and the winner will be announced. After that there will be at least a one week break before the next contest.

There will be a bonus prize awarded once at the start of most iterations of the contest. If any Iczer has an idea for a suitable set of parameters for the contest to use, please submit it to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We will keep a list of who suggests what conditions, and if we decide to use an Iczer-submitted suggestion, the first Iczer to suggest it whose account is still active will be given a bonus prize of 10 Point Cards. However, if you are the player who wins this bonus prize, you will not be eligible to enter that particular contest. Please don't bother suggesting a condition of a single card rarity (i.e. 2-stars only, EX only), as we're already planning on using those at some point. Anything else, however, is fair game. Feel free to submit via email or PM as many suggestions as you can think of, no matter how general or specific, as often as you wish.


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