Card Flip Theater are comics utilizing the Alteil cards and the conversation screen between character cards. They are purely for comedic purposes only and do no belong to the Alteil canon.

We do encourage user submissions and there are prizes for each submission we use on the site.

Card Flip TheaterThe Details
Coordinator: Edgar Figaro
Begins: Always
Ends: Never




  • PLEASE SIGN AND PUT A TITLE TO YOUR SUBMISSIONS - You don't want your work plagiarized do you?
  • You may submit as many CFTs as you which, but we may not use them on the site. It is up to our discretion and must comply with our guidelines.
  • Any submissions we use, will be posted on our frontpage and here, the official CFT page.
  • Two point cards will be given out to each user submission we put on the site.
  • Limit one prize per user per month.
  • Send submissions here.
  • Altering of card art and/or using profanity or inappropriate subject matter is strictly prohibited.
  • You may ONLY stretch, skew, rotate, and re-size the cards if you need to for purposes of the CFT.
  • If you modify the card in other ways such as recoloring or drawing over them is strictly prohibited. The art is licensed and cannot be tampered with in that way.
  • You may use outside art if you wish as long as it's not copyrighted and it isn't used to modify already existing card art(ex. putting a sombrero on Dandan's head).
  • A template is provided below in both JPEG and PSD format.You must use the character dialogue template provided below.
  • Profanity, adult situations, and hatred or racism is strictly prohibited.
  • It may be as long as you want, as long as you reach a punchline (very important!).
  • These are comedic purposes only and do not add to the canon of Alteil in anyway.
  • You may not post these anywhere else as the art is property of Alteil America.
  • Use the CFTs below for guides and inspiration.

If you need a free image editor, you can download one: here.

You can find the forum post and discussion topic: here.