What's all this about EX Light Magic Archer?
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 27 May 2010 18:59

As was leaked on the forums yesterday, there is a new EX card, EX Light Magic Archer.  What's that? Omigod, a link to the Card List with stats... actually she's been sitting in the card list ALL MORNING waiting for you.  Now, for the good part: SHE'S FREE.

That's right, as part of another promotion with your friend and mine, FREE BROWSER GAMER (dot com), they will be giving out 1001 codes for a free copy of EX Light Magic Archer, starting on FRIDAY the 28th (that's tomorrow.)  Also, lupos will be giving out even more free codes, through FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER. However, each account may only use one of these codes.  But, if you look at her abilities, you'll see she can be used with only one copy.