New Avatars Available
Written by Logress   
Friday, 28 May 2010 05:04

OK, the new Avatars are up!  Remember you can buy any avatars, not only the new ones, to participate in the Avatar promotion.  Also, a number of the new helmets are under HAIR instead of accessories because they don't work at all with hair, so might as well put them in that slot so you can combo them with some other accessories.

 Here's the list:

Mother of Blood Outfit
Last Hunter Gear
Slayer Armor
Magic Doll, Heavy System
Arken and Difora
Holy Halberd of Blood
Divine Shield Roahn
Mother of Blood Hair
Slayer Helmet
Helmet of the Moon
Helmet of the Moon 50
Blossoms at Night
Red Oni Mask
Blue Oni Mask
Pixie Wings
Forbidden Book
Silver Guitar
White Guitar
White Feline Kin Ears
Baseball Cap
Ancient Mage Pixie