Written by Logress   
Saturday, 19 June 2010 17:41

With Lupos at E3, we haven't been able to get the magical preview page and trailer done ahead of time, but for those of you  not on the mailing list, SET 7 is launching Monday (trailer and new page will be up that afternoon).  And, with a new set there is an RP RESET, which means this set's RP goes into the hall of fame, and everyone gets reset back to 1500.  Note you will KEEP your MAX RP forever.

Notes about SET 7.  We're mostly going to be setting this one up ourselves, without as much help from the Japanese as we usually get.  That means, unlike previous sets that all magically popped into existence during maintenance at 6 AM, this one is going to take a bit more work to get up and running.  With any luck the cards themselves will be loaded before 6 AM maintenance, if not we'll have to do a short bit (maybe 20 minutes) of downtime sometime Monday morning.  Then we'll be adding the cards to the Lottery, the shop, the treasure battles, the level ups and the Card File over the course of the morning.  By lunch, everything should be done and happy, but don't level up at 8 AM and expect a copy of Magic Doll -Awesome New 1337ness-.


Don't worry, I'll be posting updates continuously Monday morning to tell you exactly what we're completed.