Friday Tournament INFO
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 15 July 2010 18:24

OK, I promised some more details on the tournament, so here we go...


I wanted to keep it similar to the last one, but try to improve it.  There is going to be two changes, first there will be LESS RARES.  Because if you randomly got 3 of a really powerful rare it could be a big advantage, this will make that less likely, and hopefully you'll have to be a little more creative in deck building.  Second, there will be a chance to RE-DRAW on Sat night at 11 PM through 11:15 PM.  If you are available at that time you will be able to leave the tournament, then re-enter and keep your record.  You'll get a 2nd chance to pick a Set, and go to town.  This is not required, so if you like what you have don't do it!


The other details are the same as last time.

There will be two sets of prizes (two for each place), one for Star Battle rank, one for Win % Rank.  Prizes are:

Two 1st Prizes – 300 Gran +30 Point Cards

Two 2nd Prizes – 150 Gran +20 Point Cards

Two 3rd Prizes – 100 Gran +10 Point Cards

Two prizes each for 4-10th place +10 Point Cards

All Other Participants +5 Point Cards (must complete at least one duel of 10 turns or more).


Additional rules:

You will have 7 Sealed decks to choose from, one for each Set.  You will get a pile of common cards, but only Rares (3, 4 and 5 Star) from the set you choose.  If you choose Sets 1 or 2, which have more cards, you will get 488 cards. If you choose sets 3-7, you will get 478 cards.  There has been an exception made for Set 3.  Because all cards are random, we've noticed in previous sealed deck tournaments that multi-sphere is king.  If you happen to get 3 Elite Fencers, you're going to find a way to run it even if you're going to play Refess, because the advantage will be worth it in this environment. Because of the power of Proxies in cases like that (even with a single copy -- Urgant and Marduk generally need three), Set 3 Sealed Decks will have less rares than other sealed decks.

For those of you who have never been in the Tournament Arena before, it works pretty much like Folrart. Which means, if we open it for the whole weekend and participants just float in and out looking for a game, they'll have trouble finding opponents. To fix this, we are going to only have the Tournament Arena open for 4 hours on Friday, and then an additional 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday.  The times will also be staggered to allow participants in all time zones.

Tournament Type: Star Battle and Win % combo.
Two winners for each prize, one for the top three Stars, one for the top three Win %.

Times:  FRIDAY, JULY 16th 8 PM-12 Midnight EST  SATURDAY 1 PM -4 PM EST  SATURDAY 11 PM -2 AM SUNDAY EST.