Arakis' Quest - the 16LP Quest: RESULTS
Written by Arakis   
Monday, 19 July 2010 14:17

Soul skills.  Are they really that important?  Quite often, yes, they are.  But sometimes they take a back seat to what's happening on the field.  Or sometimes, a high number of LP in and of itself proves to be more important than soul skills.  16LP card files are not a common sight in Alteil, so this Quest required some unusual strategizing.


There was a high level of power among these entries.  The NPC, for the most part, didn't stand much of a chance.  Things were fairly balanced during finalist testing, as the opposing meta file was no slouch either.  The high amount of LP meant that draws were more common than usual during finalist testing.  In fact, two of the six ended in a draw.  Our finalists took one of two basic approaches to the challenge of 16LP.  They either largely ignored soul skills and treated them like an afterthought, or they focused on cards that need as much available LP as possible to really thrive.  While most finalists fell into the first category, our winner fell squarely into the second:


Iczer: Kore

File Name: ----

Soul Cards

1) Holy Knight Lapierre

2) Holy Knight Lapierre

3) Holy Knight Lapierre

4) Devil of the Mask / Folfenac

5) Devil of the Mask / Folfenac

Play Cards

1 Moon and Soul / Noirweiden

3 Magic Doll -Heavy Shield-

3 Broken Iron Soldier / XXXX

3 Soul Keeper / Phimilliar

3 Hell Smoke

3 Undead King / Zugateroza

2 Shade

1 Zombie Lord / Zugateroza

1 Deadly Scheme

3 Soul Pact

1 Pure Terror

1 Warning Knife


1) AngelicDeath

2) Godric

3) Sinfano

4) KaizerII

5) Mevee

There are many layers to the strategy behind this file.  It starts with a very recognizable opening, Shade -> Soul Pact -> Hell Smoke.  Then the goal becomes to build up more SP with Soul Pact for a turn or two.  Now things start to get interesting.  The first part of the combo to hit the field is Magic Doll -Heavy Shield- with Noirweiden behind her.  This speeds Noir up to the oft-sought target AGI of 4, and lets her hit for 80AT.  That's formidable indeed during the early game.  You can bet your opponent is going to want to deal with her quickly, but that's just fine.  With luck, she'll do some significant damage before her time is up.  In the meantime, every time Noir dies, she shaves off one of your LP.  Normally this would be cause for concern, but not so much when you started with 16.

Next out is Phimilliar.  Phim is a card that, despite her age, doesn't see a lot of play.  After all, it's tricky to put any friendly card on the field along with her since she has to kill one of her own each turn just to exist.  But if that target is Noirweiden, nothing actually dies.  You just lose an LP.  This means that Phim's soul card-based bonus is going to gradually become less and less, but being able to hit two enemies for 90-100 damage in the early game pretty much ensures that your opponent is going to scramble to take care of her ongoing threat for you rather than just sit back and let her do her thing.  This file is pretty much Lawtia embodied in that sense.  You're constantly losing your own resources, but you're hurting your opponent pretty badly in the process.  Seeing as how he's probably not going to have as much LP as you, you should be able to outlast him.

There are many who would say that Noirweiden has had her day, that her close skill is too easily manipulated against the Iczer who plays her.  In many ways this is true, as field removal and max HP manipulation have become quite common.  But in some ways, Noir is just a decoy here.  If your opponent wastes a Hand of God on her, that's fine because there are other strategies on which to fall back here.  XXXX is the mid-game of this file.  He's designed to jump in for either Phim when she finally buys it, or to get behind -Heavy Shield- once Noir is out of the picture.  If he makes it back there, suddenly he's 5 AGI and can do 70 direct HP damage to a whole random row for, in effect, just 1SP.

The end game is another old Lawtia standby, the Zugateroza tag team.  Hopefully by this point you have enough SP saved up that the two of them can finish dealing with whatever the opponent has left.  The grimoires of the file are fairly straightforward.  The only tricky one, and also the only new set 7 card, is Deadly Scheme.  While it hits a random target, it can potentially be used to do away with Phimilliar if she's still around and becoming a liability for you, or if it happens to "backfire" and hit one of the Zugas, that's typically not that big a deal.

This is a fast and furious file, a death race to 0LP, and that's just how Lawtia often likes it.  It has its share of weaknesses, but the hope is that you can trick your opponent into wasting resources when they panic at how hard you can hit them in the early game.

Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to our winner and finalists.  There was a lot of power to be found in this Quest, and hopefully it will give some ideas to aspiring file builders who like to play with overwhelming force.  What angle does our next Quest have in store?  Chance are, you won't have to wait very long to find out.