Arakis' Quest - the Double Copy Quest: RESULTS
Written by Arakis   
Monday, 09 August 2010 15:15

There's no doubt that it's possible to make strong Alteil files that don't rely on having three copies of every play card.  Or of any of them, for that matter.  In some of these cases, the goal is to flood your field with cards, perhaps not even worrying much about revival.  In others, the cards themselves are so powerful that having three copies would simply be redundant.  Sometimes...well, sometimes, it's all about being sneaky.


Some of our entries were very similar, which suggests that these entries weren't changed much from files that are actively used in Folrart.  Despite the way there weren't many overall categories, though, there was a considerable amount of imagination displayed in how many of these are meant to be played.  The inclusion of quite a few set 7 cards helped add to the mix, making some approaches more viable than they used to be.  It's one of these new forces that this time took the gold.  Finalist test matches were notably ferocious, and only one entry managed to finally win after a grueling 27 turns.


Iczer: Nerdyfro

File Name: none

Soul Cards

1) Shield Coat / Fierte

2) Holy Realm Knight / Sergis

3) Rapidly Flying Apprentice

4) Ruler of Crest / Eskatia

5) Prototype Form / Noze

Play Cards

2 Pixy Greatswordswoman

2 Pixy Assassin

2 Pixy Healer

2 Ancient Mage Pixy

2 Faerie Heroine / Mitzett

2 Archer Pixy

2 Mage Pixy

2 Fighter Pixy

2 Dragon Slayer / Bringer

1 Salamander

1 Miracle Fruit

1 Fairy Dance

1 Rapid Growth

1 Ball of Flame

1 Dragon Breath

1 Gaia Fang


1) Cytrik

2) Ithaldir

3) CarnalForger

4) KaizerII

5) Shikaji

Pixies have made their mark on the meta since set 7 was released.  It used to be that a few of them would be thrown into other file types just for their special effects, but now there are enough of them and their support is strong enough for them to stand as their own effective theme.  Play begins here with Greatswordswoman, which immediately messes up certain openings that depend on Falkow grimoires.  Next comes Ancient Mage Pixy.  She doesn't do a whole lot while she's alive, but every time she dies, your opponent loses another grimoire to their cemetery.  Rounding out the front line is Pixy Healer, and with her open skill the synergy really starts to build.  Suddenly your first two cards are out of range of Cyclones, which is good since next turn your opponent can use Falkow grimoires once again.  Healer also helps your opening units live longer, and when she herself dies, you'll immediately recoup the two SP you spent summoning her without losing any LP.

Next to hit the field is Mitzett, who is the key player in this file.  Her boosts, both as open and start skills, make your growing field of sprites a force with which to be reckoned.  At this point the sequence of units and grimoires played becomes more fluid.  Another Healer and/or a Fairy Dance will help keep you alive and kicking longer, and as this is a rush, it's usually a good idea to Iczer attack whenever the opportunity arises, while continuing to strategically summon units and grimoires whenever their effects will help you most.  There's pretty much an answer to every need amongst the myriad skills of these fairies.  The only real gap is a lack of high attack power.  Bringer supplements that issue, and he's meant to pick up any slack in the late game.

The soul skills are fairly standard for a rush file, with Fierte leading the pack and Rapidly Flying Apprentice in there as well.  A Miracle Fruit is present in case the opponent doesn't field anything large enough for RFA to return, or in case you need extra level protection against being returned yourself.

It doesn't get much more about teamwork and synergy than it does with this pixy file.  During the finalist test, every single pixy was used, sometimes twice over, in order to contend with the opponent.  Even then, it was close.  Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to our winner and finalists.  This Quest was its own little mini-meta of fast and furious attacking, sneaky treachery, and recursion city.  We're close to the one-year mark for Arakis' Quest at this point, and it seems like it's time for a minor change.  Starting next time, the award brackets will be a bit different.  First place will still win 20 point cards, second through fifth will each win 5, and then sixth through tenth (the honorable mentions) will each win 2.  This way, one person gets less point cards, but more people get them overall, and more total will be given away.  Hope you look forward to next time as much as I do!