August Errata
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 10 August 2010 06:48

One or two of you may already know this, but there’s some errata happening tomorrow.  Let me start by saying we modified 42 cards (assuming I can still count), which considering that a Set has 60 cards and about a quarter of them are no-brainers that don’t need much testing, this was as least as much work as a new Set.


When we began the errata, we began looking over some of our usual data, and noticed some interesting things. Recently, we’ve had the best card distribution spread ever. More people using more different cards all across the board. Seems like the formula for a good game balance, right? Well, maybe. Alteil has some natural efficiencies and inefficiencies, such as the value of 4 AGI over 3, while 2 isn’t much better than 1. Because of this, cards with certain combinations of stats have always been more popular.  When you add a card that gives huge penalties to AGI over 3, and another that gives huge bonuses to AGI below 3, things tend to even out.  Same idea with the +30/+30 buff, with numbers that big it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the absolute strongest unit to put it on, it’s still going to be a monster.


The next thing we did was look at RP. What cards were more or less likely to earn you RP?  What cards were used for harvesting RP?  Where there any cards that increased your chance of getting better RP just by throwing them in your Card File?  Now even though the spread of card use was good, almost all the top RP cards were Falkow. There could be lots of reasons for this, such as ‘smart people tend to like Falkow’ or ‘Falkow is fun to use, so more experienced players end up playing more and more Falkow’, but really, the numbers were so big at every level of Rarity there was no way to deny that there was a direct correlation between Falkow cards and RP. No, playing Falkow didn’t guarantee wins, and it didn’t mean that a Falkow deck wouldn’t have bad matchups, just over time, on average, Falkow cards won more games than the other three Spheres and won them against stronger opponents.


Now Falkow has many interesting powers and combos, and trying to tone them down without making them useless sounded like asking for trouble.  However, there was one other key feature that all the ‘trouble units’ shared: they all were pretty tough. For the first four sets, Falkow had a lot of great dedicated tanks, but every card that wasn’t a dedicated tank had below average HP for its level (possibly excepting Legry…our first ever nerf).  Before Mirelia, no level 4 Falkow card with strong special abilities had more than 60 HP, no level 3 had more than 50 (the better ones all had 40), etc.  Rather than wrestle with special abilities, we decided to remove the tanking potential from cards that weren’t dedicated tanks.  In fact, we’ve kept just about every cool special ability and combo in Falkow intact… just don’t get too close to anyone holding a board with a nail in it.


Now, before I get to the list let me go over some things.  Yes, we did buff older cards that didn’t see a lot of play. No, we didn’t (mostly) buff cards that come for free in all the starters.  Also, there are some cards that have combos coming up in the next two sets. We also decided not to buff them, even if they were a little weak.  Some of our tweaks seem very minor, but they may have been to specialize the card or just make it more distinct from a similar card.  Although we normally don’t touch EX cards (except in emergencies) we were tweaking so many cards this time around we just decided to go for it… don’t count on us doing that in the future.  There are some cards that are probably a little Over Powered (but not necessarily Unbalancing… there’s a big difference) that we didn’t touch because we’re worried about how the meta is going to settle after this, and they provide some stability.  Overall, despite all the time this took, there was never enough time.  Myself and my testers assembled lists of cards to be addressed, discussed them endlessly, and eventually had to put them in order by priority. That means it’s possible there are some cards that didn’t get tweaked because they were so low on the list we never got there.  No one’s perfect, and no one wanted to wait another day.


If your first thought when checking out the errata is 'why didn't they just do it this way' we probably thought about it, and there was either a technical issue or we tried it and it didn't work out. We tried lots, and lots of variants.


I’m also sure there are a lot of you that are worried that we’re going to be changing your cards around left and right when they get too strong. (That’s not going to happen, if you don’t believe me ask anyone on the forums.)  Generally when an individual card here or there is a little too strong, it may be annoying but it doesn’t effect the overall flow of the game in total, and it can wait until the next Set or EX Pack for us to even it out. This was a special case where a sphere, not an individual card was causing an issue.  If you exchanged Point Cards AFTER Set 7 launch for a nerfed card and want a refund, PM me or Lupos within the next two weeks. We will consider claims on a case-by-case basis.


Now, here is the list of cards. Keep in mind that the change may be minor.


Dragon Rider / Wassier

AGI=1, RNG=2

Folrart Paladin
Auto Skill: [conditional use/DF 10 or lower] This unit is healed 5 HP and gets DF+5.


Light Spearwoman

Action Skill: Subtract AT+25 directly from the HP of one random enemy unit within range.

Strike Samurai / Thunderbolt

Action Skill: Cost 3 - Do [damage: AT] to a random row of enemy units within range. If an enemy unit's HP is 0 or below, subtract 1 from rival Iczer's LP.

Bounty Hunter / Elena

Action Skill 'Bounty Hunt': Cost 3 -> 2

Additional Action Skill 'In my Sights' - Do [damage: AT] to one random enemy unit in range. Target enemy unit gets LV+1.

Peregrine Paladin / Larut

Action Skill: Do [damage: AT] to two enemy units of your choice.

Lightning Girl / Rubia

Action Skill: Subtract 30 from the HP of all disengaged enemy units.

Knight of Luminance / Ernst

Counter Skill: This unit gets AT+15 and AGI+1.

Legendary Unicorn

Action Skill: Subtract AT X2 directly from the HP of a random enemy unit within range of level 4 or higher.

The Solar Eclipse / Alphonce

Action Skill: Do [damage: AT+ number of cards in your Cemetery x 5] to one enemy unit.

Cutter of the Cord

Action Skill: SP 1 - Set target engaged enemy unit within range to HP=0.

Fire Storm / Bander

Acion Skill: 'Ignited Air' SP 3->2

Shield Coat / Fierte
Start Skill: Friendly [card: Gunner Girl / Yuni] gets DF+20 for this turn and LV+2.


Beast Soldier / Orthos

Auto Skill: Remove from the game three random cards from rival Iczer’s Cemetery.

Gun Princess' Sword / Mizalio
Friendly [card: Gunner Girl / Yuni] gets AGI+1 and RNG+1 for this turn.


Holy Mother of Blood / Velvet


High Inquisitor / Fortune
Open Skill: [conditional use/Lawtia lvl 2 or higher] One enemy unit level 4 or lower, except a Refess unit, gets RNG=0.


EX: Dance Macabre / Lelein

Action Skill: Set all enemy units of level 1 or lower to HP=0.

God of Anger / Dista
Open Skill: All friendly [subtype: martial artist] units get AT+10, MAX HP+20 and are healed 20 HP.


High Priest / Abel
Auto Skill:  All friendly units except this unit get [HP+10]. Target friendly [subtype: true god church] unit gets [HP+15], except this unit.


Heierrat Horseman
Soul Skill: One friendly unit gets AT+30, DF+30 and is engaged. You get 1 less SP at the beginning of next turn.


Magic Doll -Healer-
Soul Skill: One friendly unit gets AT+30, DF+30 and is engaged. You get 1 less SP at the beginning of next turn.


EX: Sunlight Knight
Soul Skill: One friendly unit gets AT+30 and DF+30. You get 1 less SP at the beginning of next turn.


Cursed Runesword Fighter
Soul Skill: Remove from the game up to 10 cards from rival Iczer’s Cemetery. If 10 cards are sent, increase your Falkow level by 3.


Dual Axe Wielder

Subtype Warrior -> Subtype Adventurer

Girl Specter

Auto Skill: [conditional use/battletime night] This unit gets AT+20 this turn. One random enemy unit gets AGI-1.

Elite Fencer of Regus

HP=40, AGI=3

Sea Serpent


Bog Wyvern


Lady Paladin / Mirelia




Herald of Ruin / Behemoth

Soul Skill: Do [damage: 60] to target enemy unit. Increase your SP by 4.

Meaning of Failure
5% chance: Increase your SP by 3. 75% chance: Increase your SP by 4. 20% chance: Increase your SP by 5.


Open: Three random enemy units are moved to random open areas.


Aura of the Holy Emperor
Revive one closed friendly Refess unit. If there is an enemy unit of level 4 or higher, send 2 cards from your cemetery to the card file with the same level as the revived unit.


True Holy Emperor / Retear
Auto Skill: Return two random cards from your Cemetery to your Card File, except this unit.




Send target enemy unit directly to the cemetery. Target unit gets HP=0. You get Lawtia -1.

EX: Wizard Soldier

Action: This unit gets AT50%. Do [damage: AT] to one random enemy unit in range. That unit is moved to a random open area.


Give [AT + number of enemy units x 10] to one friendly unit. All friendly [subtype: warrior] units get AT+10 for this turn.


Set one enemy unit within range to HP=0.

Angel's Trumpet

One unit of level 4 or higher gets AT=0, DF=0 and AGI=0 for this turn.

Dead Wing / Volfied


Action Skill: Return one engaged enemy unit within range to its Card File. Send this unit to the Cemetery.