Arakis' Quest - the Characters Only Quest: RESULTS
Written by Arakis   
Friday, 03 September 2010 19:21

The overall strength of this Quest's entries was most impressive.  The same can be said for the similarity between them, as certain themes were heavily prevalent.  One of the biggest weaknesses of an all-characters file is the lack of grimoires, so other measures must be taken in order to cover for it.


First, let's talk about the trends.  There were a lot of Refess and Lawtia entries.  In fact, well over half of them were one of those two spheres.  Perhaps this is an indication that those two spheres have, all around, the most powerful characters.  Or perhaps Gowen and Falkow characters are just more dependent on grimoires and units to provide the support they need to excel.  Endless Morning, or EM, was especially prevalent, as were Command Model magic dolls.  Our entries were initially up against NPC Morlind Clapham, which uses mostly undeads.  This gave Refess entries a further advantage due to their many anti-undead abilities.  The final test matches were against a well-constructed and well-played Endless Night, or EN, file.  None of our finalists managed to win in the end, but one did get very close, managing to get its opponent down to its final LP before succumbing:


Iczer: Noritoshi

File Name: Solar Legion

Soul Cards

1) Mage Paladin / Distrier

2) Holy Realm Knight / Sergis

3) Mermaid Princess / Emana

4) Boy Inquisitor / Cudgel

5) Devil of the Mask / Folfenac

Play Cards

1 Fallen Moon Child / Miffyre

3 Sun and Birth / Weissvogel

3 Solar Prince / Verlaat

3 Blessed Knight / Orfen

3 Holy Knight / Lapierre

3 Servant of the Sun / Safiria

3 Twin Wing Knight / Glosfiea

2 Twin Wing Knight / Bistya

2 Unknown Knight / Aano

2 EX: Lion Baron / Zagar


1) Indignatio

2) Visfarix

3) Lateralus923

4) exemplar


1) Artist

2) MTCosta

3) KaizerII

4) Fargone

5) Whire3

The file opens in a fairly standard manner that's recognizable to many.  Miffyre is the first to hit the field, and she's played in front in order to maximize her benefit to the player while minimizing the benefit to the opponent.  Normally Weissvogel is played next, but in the case of a first turn Shade, Verlaat can be played instead.  Next is either Weiss or Verlaat, whoever was yet to be played.  The natural next choice is Orfen so that you can start reaping the benefits of his morning team AT buff.  The only real choice to make during this opening is whether to put Verlaat on the front lines.  This depends largely on what you're facing, but generally the best choice is to front line him, and then later move him to the rear so as to reduce the number of times you need to revive him.

At this point things can begin to vary.  Generally either Lapierre or the twins come out next, followed typically by Safiria for further support.  Aano and EX: Zagar are present for their specific skills, should such a need arise.  Often it's not even necessary to play them, as a well-filled field with Orfen's buff tends to tear through the opposition.  The twins have the added advantage of recycling level 2 cards from your cemetery every time they die, provided it's morning.  This setup, as did most of the EM entries, pretty much annihilated the undead NPC before it could even find its stride.

Distrier is a good, standard, safe bet for a first soul card, and the extra SP can help you keep bringing out level 3s should Miffyre die too quickly.  Sergis is another standard, and it helps slow down nearly any opponent you might face.  Emana is something of an odd choice, as her soul skill is highly situational.  Chances are you'll only want to spend 4SP to bounce an enemy card if it's a major threat, and is causing you a lot of grief in the mid or late game.  The nice thing about it is, with good timing, you can save your SP by having less than 4SP when it would go off should you have no need for it.  Cudgel is of course a fall-back plan that generally ensures a field wipe in your favor, and Folfenac is simply a 3LP anchor.

As I mentioned above, the big weakness here is the lack of grimoires.  That's to be expected though, given the limitations of this Quest.  In the final matches, it often came down to the coin flip of whose start skill went last, Verlaat's or Eskatia's.  At least EM has the saving grace of Orfen giving your field a DF buff if it's night, but that only helps so much against pumped-up lycanthropes.  The ability to pinpoint via grims problem enemy cards would make a big difference in overall performance.  Despite that, our winner performed the best overall, by a small margin, and it really did come close to winning its final test in the end.

As was stated at the end of last Quest, we have a new prize bracket system in place now.  You'll noticed that I listed the honorable mentions above, when usually they only show up in the accompanying forum post.  Everyone who placed in the top ten earned some point cards.  Over thirty entries came in this time, so this was one of our more popular Quests.  Whether that was because of the new prize system or the nature of the theme, or both, I'm not sure, but keep an eye out for our next Quest.  It won't be long before it's time to get back up and running.