Pre-Built Power Files RUNDOWN
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 21 July 2011 16:13

While were waiting for Lupos who didn't totally just oversleep because he was up past five, and miss his carpool, so he had to take a bus, which got stuck behind an accident for three hours (because that would be like, totally silly and could never happen in really life) I thought you might like to know the details of these pre built packs which are being sold for 1 week at OMG 500 Gran (and 1500 Gran thereafter).


Souls - Boy Combat Priest, High Acolyte / Boporus, Cait Sith, Inquisition Raid Leader, Phoenix

3x Ruby Carbuncle

3x Amithyst Carbuncle

3x Diamond Carbuncle

3x Agate Carbuncle

3x Sapphire Carbuncle

1x Emerald Carbuncle

3x Red General / Ruby Eater

2x Honored Spirit / Ashbars

1x Will o Wisp

1x Oversoul

1x Like the Hand of God

1x Key to the Holy Realm


Souls - Elder Druid, Dark Evocator / Domina, Angry Mob, Chaos Ogre / Dalos, Skeleton Master

3x Killing Machine / LeBeau

3x Black Valkyrie / Igina

3x Magic Doll -Heavy Shield-

3x Crest Halberd Soldier

3x Crest Mindsoldier

3x Hell Smoke

2x Priestess of Madness

2x Shade

Pure Terror

Warning Knife

Soul Pact


Souls - Dryad Soldier, Lycanthrope [Scylla], Earth Wyvern, Efreet, Alraune

3x EX: Brave Mercenary / Dilate

3x Attendant / Feria

3x Light Heierrat Fighter

3x Heierrat Revolver Bladesman

3x Amazon

2x Boomerang Fighter

1x Knight Apprentice

1x Salamander

1x EX: Girl Mercenary

1x Panther Soul

1x Rapid Growth

1x Brave Strike

1x Fire Arrow

1x Ball of Flame


souls - Witch, Mermaid Wizardess / Faytis, Frost Sorceress / Rasam x2, Harpy

3x EX: Wizard Soldier of Regus

3x Crab General / Vosrot

3x Sea Hunter

3x Sea Claw

3x Enormous Frog

3x Sea Serpent

1x Owl Sage

1x Undine

1x Sweeping Tidalwave

1x Cyclone

1x Return

1x Meaning of Failure

1x Deep Sleep