Falkow Pre-built: Take to the Sky Card List
Written by Logress   
Friday, 04 November 2011 02:48

Only a few more hours to buy the Gowen mid rampage pre-built at a drastically reduced cost!  Now, let's see what Falkow has in store for us!  REMEMBER, it will be 500 Gran instead of the usual 1500 Gran for one week only, and it goes on sale first thing tomorrow!!!


EX: Forest Sorceress Antilla

SS Lapierre

Pirate King Dub Rido

Pirate King Dub Rido

Twin Wing Knight / Glosfiea

play cards

1 owl sage

3 Lightning Wyvern

3 Blade Wyvern

3 Meaning of Failure

2 Bog Wyvern

2 Manta Ray

2 Mildoreo

1 Swan Cavalier

2 Time Stop

3 Elite Mage Knight

1 Strike Wyvern

1 Waterspout

1 Prayer For Saftey

A very versitale file!  But, not for the faint of heart.  It requires changing up your strategy on the fly, so you might want to hit up the forums to watch some replays and ask some advice, but there are lots of topics on mid-blue and what it's capable of.