Lapierre's Legion Pre-Built
Written by Logress   
Friday, 24 February 2012 01:30

We had a new Gowen Pre-built last time, so now it's time for REFESS.  Refess is known for slow, durable units with a a good amount of DF an a lot of co-operation, but so far our prebuilts have really only highlighted that last feature.  It's time to break out all three with a file that proves slow and steady really does win the race-- provided you're whole front line has 20+ points of DF and snowballing AT buff.  There are lots of permenant buffs out there, but buffs only lasts as long as the units they'er on, so LAPIERRE'S LEGION brings the toughest LV3 units around for just that reason!

The Pre-built will be going up tomorrow for ONLY 500 GRAN, and will remain at that blockbuster price for just one week, when it will become an fixture of the shop at 1500 Gran.

And here is the card list:

Souls: Folrart Flame Swordsman, Lycanthrope [Belphegor], Light Spearwoman, Folrart Lady Paladin, Cudgel

Sunlight Knight X 3
EX: Light Magic Archer X 1
Folrart Charge Knight X 3
Holy Knight / Lapierre X 3
Elite Folrart Acolyte X 3
Folrart Heavy Knight X 3
Instant Revival X 1
Wisp X 1
Kaseran Paseran X 1
White Sage Kaldrao X 2
General's Order X 1
Hero's Strike X 1
Tailsman of Disruption X 1
Sunbeam Cage X 1