Death is in the Details mid Lawt Prebuilt
Written by Logress   
Friday, 02 March 2012 07:15

In the mood for a little mid Lawt?  How about if it stars Francis, Undead King Zugateroza and Broken Iron Soldier XXXX?  Now I know you're familiar with the first two, but XXXX -- he's a little older, might not ring any bells.  But you'll like him when you get a hold of him, trust me.

When it comes to mid-Lawtia, you need a lot of individual stand alone threats and a little timing, and with timing -- well, the death is in the details, and in this case it's your rival's death!  This NEW PRE-BUILT will launch Friday March 2nd, and be 500 Gran for 1 week, when it will revert to 1500 gran, and become a permanent shop item.

Now, let's take a look at this card list.

Magic Doll Support 
Elder Druid 
Skeleton Warrior 
Death Knight 
Hell Smoke 



Shade x1
Ancient Zombie Lord x1 
Night Wing Wyvern x1
Crest Veteran Swordswoman x3
Crest Devil Knight x3
Living Armor x3 


Undead King Zugateroza x2 
Undead Lord Zugateroza X1
Black Dragonfly / Francis x3 
Broken Iron Soldier / XXXX x3 

Soul Pact x2
Merciless Death x1 
Consuming Grudge x1