Errata Hath Arrived
Written by Logress   
Friday, 16 March 2012 06:08

Sorry this announcement is so late, things got hairy today and I ended up wrestling with my internet in the late hours.

It's errata time!  

When old cards become new again!  It's like the first day spring -- except with slightly more nerfing of cards that can grind 2000+ RP in easy mode.


We've got three kinds of changes...

Nerfs -- 12 cards that were rated at the top for getting RP, many of them for several sets in a row -- OR cards that have strong combos that will only get stronger and will thus impede future card design.  Nothing is more fun than saying, "hey we can't use any of these new card ideas because they'll be too strong with Gangadore Soul."

Buffs -- a number of cards got buffs to make them better at what they do, make them more versatile, enable their subtype, update them because the environment was just very different then when they came out or to combo with cards now or planned for EX 10 and Set 11.  Not EVERY card that was outdated was buffed, this was mostly buffered by time constraints.

Maintenance Buffs -- Sometimes you don't need to do testing or design analysis.  These buffs go like this: "Uh, is there any reason not to give this card +1 AGI?  No?  Might as well, this way if a good combo comes out for it you won't feel like you're being penalized for putting it in your File."

Yes, lots of data were consulted for this errata.  Yes, Folrart players were consulted, too.  Yes, the reasoning for all the changes may not be immediately obvious. And yes, we probably also messed some stuff up, but I'm fairly confident we didn't make anything too much worse!  What?  No applause?  


Ok, here's the list.  Let the fun begin.


5* Dilate -- 5->0 DF, -1 Falk LV added to his action skill

3* Rucca -- both Start Skills now end with "Engage this unit."

5* Bringer -- 40->30 dmg open

EX Jack -- Start Skill is now an Auto Skill SP cost of Action Skill 2->1

2* Owl Sage -- 2->1 RNG

3* Ascarat -- can't return copies of himself to file with Auto, removed heal from Start Skill

1* Pixy Greatsword Soul Skill -- engages the target friendly unit before doing damage

1* Salamander -- RNG 3->2

Ex EX: Cursed Armor Knight -- 50->40 MAX HP restored by Close Skill

3* Gangadore Soul Skill -- Added: removes from game all units in Cem, but leaves grims

5* Princess of the Key Emana -- 60->50 HP, second Action Skill now engages all Revived units except if they're Mermaids.

2* Elite Mage Knight of Regus Soul -- DF buff now based on Grim uses X 5 instead of X 10


1* •Wisp -- 10->20 AT, heals 10->20 HP on open *

1* •Mermaid Shield Soldier -- Added Revive Trait, HP 40->30, AGI 4->2, AT 0->20, changed skill to Start Skill: "The [subtype: mermaid] unit directly behind this unit gets DF+10 and RNG+1 for this turn. And then, this unit gets AGI+2 for this turn." *

5* Chaos Form / Zalzagul -- Start now hits target unit instead of random, no longer drains next turns SP unless sucessful, buffs AGI by 1. AGI 4->3.

4* Wise Swordsman / Steel -- HP 50->60, DF 10->5 AGI 2->1 AT 20->30

1* •Mermaid Archer -- added pinpoint Skill *

1* •Mermaid Sorceress -- made open skill 0 SP *

3* •Delrare -- Action skill now does AT-10 damage, and no longer gives an AGI buff, but costs 0 SP.

4* •Fire Storm / Bander -- rankup LV is now 6, AT 20->40, 2nd skill cost 2->1 SP and now gives -1 Gowen, first skill now causes Burning. *

3* •Inquisitor Sergeant / Gravan -- Counter is now targeted instead of random *

3* •Gangadore -- open gives -1 sp next turn and -1 Lawt, instead of -2 sp next turn

1* Invisible Druid -- 4->5 AGI

1* Crest Regenerator Knight -- 2->3 AGI

1* Crest Cursed Swordsman -- 40->50 HP

1* Crest Igniter -- 20->30 HP

3* •Price of Knowledge / Liz -- Action Skill now gives +1 LV, close skill now works at LV 5 or higher. *

1* •Ghost -- skill no longer penetrates armor, and is now 0 SP *

2* •Cursed Runesword Fighter -- added to Auto skill "and this unit gets agi+1"

1* •Novice Folrart Acolyte -- removed penalty start skill *

2* •Magic Doll -melee- -- Action skill now does AT+unit hit's AT, added start with AGI buff if there is 1 unit in front row.

1* •Brutal Inquisitor -- new Auto skill heals all True God Church units 10 HP

1* •Boy Combat Priest -- now adds 20 MAXHP / HP to 1 friendly True god church unit on Close

3* •Holy Light -- now also full heals all friendly units

3* •Dispel -- now also restores all enemy AT to base value

3* •Honored Spirit / Ashbars -- removed AT restored to base value on Close

5* •Ersnt -- Counter now gives friendly solar kingdom units AGI+2/AT+5 for the turn *

2* Cursed Armor Knight -- 2->1 AGI, LV 5->4

3* •Lion Baron / Zagar -- 50->55 HP, 20->25 AT, Auto now adds +10 DF for this turn, for combo with Ermitage

2* •Assassin -- action skill now also sends an enemy unit card to the cemetery

1* •Novice Assassin -- action skill is now 3 sp, targeted, rangeless and hits only characters.

1* •Shadow Assassin -- New Open skill: Target friendly assassin cannot be hit by Attack Actions for this turn

EX  Sea and Wind / Bulerigid -- 10->15 HP

3* Herald of Ruin / Behemoth -- reduced cost of first skill to from -2 to -1 Gowen LV

1* Swallow Scout -- 30->20 HP, 20->30 AT

5* Elgandi 50->60 HP

3* •Shrine Leader / Shathia -- Start skill is now 0 SP

5* 2nd Dragonrider / Resource -- AGI 2->3

1* •Mermaid Girl Sorceress -- RNG 2-1, changed skill to "The friendly [subtype: mermaid] unit in [area: 5] gets AT+10 and DF+5 for this turn." and added an action skill "Engage one random engaged enemy unit in range until the end of next turn."

1* •Blessed Acolyte -- changed auto skill to +10 DF, added bash 

1* •Griffin -- added a 0 SP "flying attack" skill, conditional on 50 AT or higher

1* •Folrart Slash Knight -- Changed skill to "Target one friendly Refess unit with HP 0 or lower, except this unit. Target unit is fully healed."

3* Reborn Astaforce -- first Action Skill now has a "random unit of HP 1 or higher" clause on its second attack, so it won't be wasted.

3* •Elinth - heal all friendlies 5 HP added to Counter Skill

2* Deep Squid - card re-purposed

1* Legendary Unicorn - card re-purposed