Errata Packs and Boxes
Written by Logress   
Friday, 16 March 2012 06:18

Errata Packs and Boxes

What?  You recycled all those cards that were buffed?  Want them back?  No problem, pick up an errata pack or half box.  Each half box includes a guaranteed 4 and 5 star.  Each pack contains two guaranteed 3 stars or higher!  Also, since JACK WINSTON was both nerfed  and buffed (action skill SP cost is now 1), he will be included in the packs and boxes!


Errata Pack 300 Gran for 5 cards

-         two guaranteed 3 stars or higher


Errata half box 1500 Gran for 30 cards

- one guaranteed 4 star, one guaranteed 5 star, 5 guaranteed 3 stars or higher.