First Buyer's Incentive! Buy 500 Gran, Get 500 FREE!
Written by satonoko   
Friday, 16 March 2012 11:24

First Time Buyer's Incentive from 16th until the 30th April.

If you haven't converted PotCash into Gran, and if this is your first time to convert into Gran, you will get Gran back during this event!

Buy 500Gran and get another 500Gran for Free!

Start from 150Gran and the maximum gran amount back is 500G.
Convert 150   --> 150G back  = You will get 300G total
Convert 500   --> 500G back  = You will get 1,000G total
Convert 1000 --> 500G back  = You will get 1600G ( include 100G bonus)+ one point card
Convert 1600 --> 500G back  = You will get 2300G ( include 200G bonus)+ one point card

Convert 10,000 --> 500G back = You will get 12,500G ( include 2000 bonus) + one point card


Please note that

- You have to be the first time buyer. (who haven't purchased before)

- We only count your first time. If you converted 150Gran and then 500Gran, we just count 150gran.

The Reward Gran will be given out every Monday (once a week)