2 Days only! Sphere EX lotto on the 21st and 22nd
Written by satonoko   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 01:18

Just before the new EX, we are going to put the Sphere EX lotto for 2 days only.

The Sphere EX Lotto will be available for Wednesday and Thursday until 22nd Midnight EST Time. 

You have a little bit higher chance of getting the following cards from this Sphere EX Lotto than the normal EX lotto.

Catira from Refess EX lotto,

Assassin Team and Fierce from Lawtia EX lotto,

Blaze Knuckle and Bolbaron from Gowen EX lotto,

Rileira from Falkow EX Lotto.

Those EX cards are rare card and it's normally hard to get, the recycle value is 300gran.

You can also get EX Annarose cards from this sphere EX lotto. ( but no Ellie, Honor of the Lion / Zagar and any Vocaloid cards)


The Lotto Price : 120Gran