Falkow Pre-built: The Kingdom Returns
Written by Logress   
Friday, 30 March 2012 05:40

You bet Wizard Kigdom Returns... it Returns enemy units!  Uh, you know... that was just in case you missed the joke.  Anyway, we've got one more pre-built this time around, and it's Falkow.  Wizard Kingdom is not as easy to play as some other level 3 oriented files, but as we've seen in the Grand Championship matches and in Folrart as one of the few files that could handle pre-nerf Rucca, it's versatility and potential for victory is extremely high.  Since getting an early advantage through your soul sklls can help you dominate the game, we've decided to include some key Soul cards not available in other pre-builts, like Violet X2 and Wandering Priest Raste.  

The Kingdom Returns will go on sale Friday the 30th and be 500 Gran for one week only, then join the other permanent pre-builts at 1500 Gran, so get it now while it's cheap! Also note, in the newsletter I mentioned EX: Wiz Archer, but we ended up switching the file around a little to make it as strong as possible.  Now, let's see the card list:


Violet X2 / Giant Arthropleurid / Raste / Cudgel / Mad Preist 

3x EX Wiz
3x Mage Knight of Regus
3x Foveontsa
3x Rapier Fencer
2x Storm Wizardess
2x Sorc Monk

1x Owl Sage
2x Sylph
1x Undine

2x Tidal
2x Return
1x Withdrawl Strategy