What does it mean to be World Champion?
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 05 April 2012 05:55


What does it mean to be World Champion?

Find out this May, for the second US / Japan World Championship Alteil Competition!  Last year a number of factors made the Championship difficult.  Alteil, at the Championship level, is a game of inches – which is a fancy way of saying any disadvantage can snowball.  So while this year’s World Championship will take place on the US Alteil Server again, this year we’re going to do things a little differently...


First step: eliminate the language barrier.  This year, the Japanese will be playing with cards in Japanese.  Seems reasonable.

Second step: eliminate the learning curve.  You may have noticed that we’ve got a few cards here – yep, quite a number.  Coming from Alteil JP, the Japanese players will have to learn our cards.  To make it easier, we’ll be cutting it down to a list of about 300, with another 40 or so for some extra choices for Soul Cards.

Third step: cover Logress’ desk in doughnuts.  The benefits are self-explanatory.


Also, to keep things interesting, this year it’s going to be TWO ON TWO.  From each version, two of the top players have been chosen.  And to represent US Alteil we have…








Two titans of US Alteil, who have proven themselves in Championship matches again and again.  Now, let’s see what Challengers the Japanese team comes up with!