Spring of EX
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 21 April 2012 03:33

For those of you who like to spy on what Alteil JP is doing, you might have heard about their two new SPRING EX cards -- sporting some pretty great new art.  And, guess what -- it looks like we're getting them too!

Song of Spring / Meltiria (Refess fairy) and Defender of Seasons / Sakon (Lawtia Far East) are special EX Cards that represent what's best of spring: renewal, healing, rebirth, and cheap multi-attack.  These two powerhouses of spring will be available in Half-Boxes for two weeks, starting Monday the 23rd.

Now here's the part where I tempt you with the new art... but the uploading feature built into joomla is acting up, so you'll have to be in suspense for now...