Coin Collectors Next Week
Written by Logress   
Sunday, 06 May 2012 18:36

Or THIS week, depending on how you look at it and when you're reading this... sorry for the late announcement, but I've been up to my ears slogging on SET 11 stuff, which for all intents and purposes is actually GOOD news.

Next week we're having a COLLECTING EVENT, that means 100% TREASURE BATTLES MONDAY the 7th through SUNDAY the 20th!

You'll be collecting COINS, a common GOLDEN WEEK game event in Japan.  Your goal, obviously, is GOLD coins, but SILVER are also available.


5 GOLD COINS = 1 copy Wandering Bard

10 GOLD COINS = 1 copy Hero's Strike

30 GOLD COINS = 1 copy The Magician / Primrose + 1 point card

50 GOLD COINS = 1 copy Angel Knight / Silverion + 5 point card

150 GOLD COINS = 1 copy Matchless Combatant / Yug + 10 point card

300 GOLD COINS = 1 copy Chase Wing / Volfied + 15 point card

500 GOLD COINS = 3 copies of any 3-star card of your choice

-Sphere Boxes that include Coin Cards will be added to the shop as well.

-For this time, the free Daily Lotto will give out a Coin Card in addition to the normal card.

Prizes will be given out after the event is completed.