Seasonal Card Pack
Written by Logress   
Friday, 18 May 2012 01:43

It’s been a while since Seasonal Cards were available, so we’re adding a Seasonal Card Pack to the shop starting Friday, May 18th and going to the 25th!  Each pack has a guaranteed 3 Star, and a second guaranteed 3 Star or higher.

Details after the bump...

Cost: 500 Gran

Content: 10 Seasonal Cards


Card NameCard Rarity
Archer Scout2
Sorcerer Guard1
Saber Saint / Lapierre3
Magic Doll1
Black Cat / Fellana4
Lycanthrope [Seraph]2
Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva5
Devouring Lizard1
Lion Baron / Zagar3
Chaoslady / Annarose4
Magic Sword Dual-Wielder2
Bellydancer / Kurina3
Folrart Guardian1
Girl Spectre1
Guard Leader / Renally5
Realm Guardian / Mayleen4
Black Dragonrider / Millia4
Meaning of Failure1
Ruby Carbuncle1
Roaming Predator / Asuet4
Rapidly Flying Apprentice1
Fallen Moon Child / Miffyre5
Dance Macabre / Lelein3
Mermaid Soldier1
Amethyst Carbuncle2
Girl Druid1
Samurai Girl1
Fire Sorceress / Addition3
2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia3
Command Unit / Scarlet Rose3
Last Hunter / Cassandra3
Last Hunter / Cassandra3
Cursed Siren / Metia3
Sky Staff Sorceress1
Command Unit / Violet X23
Heierrat Mage1
Girl Combat Priest1
Lycanthrope [Echidna]2
Cemetery Rats1
Prototype Form / Noze4
Ice Sorceress2
2nd Dragonrider / Resource5
Solar Princess / Aliria5
Guard Captain / Afeemina4
Magic Doll -Mobility-2
Mad Beast / Dandan3
Brave Mercenary / Dilate3
Aqua sorcerer / Mystere3
Frost Bow Archer1
Lion General / Zagar5
Pixy Dual Wielder1
Faerie Heroine / Mitzett3
Magic Doll -Fencer-2
Mermaid Princess / Emana4
Mage Paladin / Distrier4
Inquisition Nun / Cynthia3
Black Hound1
Saber Saint / Lapierre3
Ruler of Crest / Eskatia5
Gunner Girl / Yuni4
Frost Sorceress / Rasam3
Chaoslady / Annarose (honeymoon ver.)   
Archer Captain / Fistara4
Sumer & Fellana3
Fairy Knight / Torte3
Swallow Scout1
Will o' the Wisp1
Unknown Knight / Aano4
Black Valkyrie / IginaEX
Refugee Flying Apprenctice1
High Acolyte / Bopors3
Plundering Girl Pirate2
Ultimate Analyst / Fran3
Cursed Runesword Fighter2