Pre-Release Opening -- Game Is Open
Written by Logress   
Sunday, 07 October 2012 00:20

Pre-release Welcome Announcement


Welcome everyone, to the Apocoplay (that’s the name of my our company) Alteil Pre-Release.  In two weeks we’ll have a big release (after you guinea pigs… er, honored Iczers have found any remaining bugs), with events and ads and a mass mail and hopefully a little press.  But for now, we’re turning the game on and letting our loyal forum-ites, and regulars, and Iczers who come back and check on us every now and then for the heck of it… all log on and run rampant!


We’ve already made some big improvements, like the monetization system is totally fixed. By that I mean, the Cashier has been completely removed. You know, judging by how worked up everyone was about the whole topic, I thought it was going to be harder to work out. But, whatever, problem solved!  Seriously, though, The Cashier isn’t on because this is technically a beta period.  Also, you might notice the Google/Facebook/Twitter login functionality.


And that won’t be the last of improvements, bug fixes and evolutions. Apocoplay is basically a software company with me added to manage the game, and it’s run like one.  So, if you end up talking with one of my esteemed colleges on the forum you might find yourself having to Google the word ‘SCRUM.’  And to prove we’re in it to improve it… I just nerfed Emana (and Chaos Anna and Harpist).


There’s so much to say, plans, hopes dreams, etc.  A few policy changes… IE a general up-frontness about the good and the bad…  But this is supposed to be a welcome post and not a ramble.  Besides I gotta save some stuff for the general release announcements.  So for now, log in, and get dueling!