So I hear you like teh Facebooks
Written by Logress   
Friday, 09 November 2012 03:38

Now, I know you crazy kids are always with the Facebooking, the Liking and the clicking and the linking. I suppose it's time for ole Alteil to see what it can do to Book a little Face.  So, I'm going to request that you give the main Alteil America facebook page a SHARE (click on the button to the right of 'like' on Facebook and hit - share) to see how hard it is to get these darned 'share' things and what kind of effect they have on our trafficking. 

I guess this means I should be giving out a gift, one of those 'social media presents' I keep hearing about  (yeah, I know that was unacceptable, even for me -- and I'm totally sure I'm the first person to come up with that). So, if we get 15 users giving the Alteil America facebook page a share by the end of next week, I'll put a couple of the WINTER AVATAR ACCESSORIES up in the Avatar shop for free for the day!

So you kids all scuttle on back to your FAcebooks and your Twits, and GET OFF MY LAWN!

PS -- in case you didn't know, you can link your Alteil account to your Facebook or Twitter or Google account by going to Account Management from the login screen.