Beginner's Packs are Better than Ever
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 29 December 2012 03:35

That's right, the Beginner's Packs are BACK and also BETTER.

How are they better? I'm glad you asked.  First of all for the same price, they have MORE cards, and a slightly smaller card pool, which means MORE PLAYSETS.  Second, we've added TWO STAR CARDS, one representing a vital Grim for each sphere: Instant Revival, Death's Embrace, Rapid Growth, and Cyclone.  Third, in addition to Rapid Growth over there and Recovery Powder in the Starter (and FM Lotto), the pack now also has Meaning of Failure and Soul Pact, so ALL FOR SP GENERATING GRIMS are now in easy reach!  Fourth, the Beginner's Pack features a few Set 12 cards, so you can check out the best of Set 12 commons right now.

Thousands of new and free players have already bought Beginner's Packs, often just using gran from Crest and the Tutorial. Now you've got the chance to do the same... only better.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out the page with details and card list here.  You can also always check up on the beginner's pack with the link under CARDS to the left.