Rarity Up Lotto
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 12 January 2013 17:01

The special Friday EX sale may be over, but the RARITY UP LOTTO is going all weekend!  Boosted rates of rares, plus the 'you get set' cards that give one copy of every card in a Set!  I've already got 12 confirmed Iczers with 'you get set' cards (I'll take care of as many of you guys as I can tonight) from last night, and that was when the lotto was competing with the EX special for attention!

Also, for those of you who non-paypal people who finally have cashier access, I want to draw your attention to the popular EX 11, only in the shop for 2 more weeks. You may also notice the EX 11 COMPLETE BOX for a discount as opposed to buying all the packs.