Community Tournaments are Back
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 02:31

We've got a new Forum up, for Community Tournaments that everyone should check out!

You can learn all about playing in Community Tournaments, and also how you can run one yourself.

In fact, there is already one in the works, a Starter card tournement on January 26 10:00 pm EST. Sign ups are now!

Community Tournaments are a great alternative to dueling in Folrart. You can earn cards, Point Cards and other prizes in bracketed dueling environments, meet new Iczers, help out the Tournament Hosts for more rewards and generally participate in the Alteil community. Its also great just to show up and watch battles during tournament time. The Community Tournaments have ban lists and other limitations that will expose you to some interesting new files.

Here's how they work:

-Check in here, the Community Tournament Forum, to find threads announcing potential tournaments. Sign up, and when there are enough sign-ups the tournament will be officially scheduled (NOTE: until there are enough sign-ups, the tournament can always be canceled, so check back on the forum every now and then.)

-Once you're signed up, read the Tournament Host's rules carefully. They may specify certain cards that can or can't be used, and they may require you run your planned File by them ahead of time. Get to know the Forum PM (Private Message) system, it will be useful here.

-Show up at the scheduled time in the Training Arena (Times will always be listed in server, time, or EST), and follow the instructions given by the Host and his Assistants. You will duel against other players for advancement in the tournament.

-If you are late to the Tournament or one of your matches, you may be disqualified, so keep an eye on the time.

-When you are dueling, never make a PRIVATE match. PUBLIC (view-able) matches only. Make your moves at a reasonable pace, stalling is not acceptable in Community tournaments, where many matches need to be coordinated and timed correctly.

-If you need to leave part-way through the tournament, or if you are an alternate who never gets a chance to duel, you will still receive a prize as long as you show up.

-All participants receive at least a participation Prize of 2 or more point cards. The exact prizes depend on the Tier of your Tournament Host and will be posed in the individual Community Tournament thread.

-Prizes will usually be given out within a few days. Allow time for the Host to put together his report to the GM's. This forum will be a good place to drop by for updates.

-After the Tournament, visit this forum and leave feedback in the appropriate feedback thread. Remember, Tournament Hosts will advance based on the feedback they receive.

-You can volunteer to be an Assistant Host, but then you can't duel in that Tournament. However, you will be rewarded for helping out.

-To learn all of the very-detailed details about Community Tournaments, visit the About Community Tournaments For Hosts thread and read the rules. This is not necessary to enjoy Community Tournaments, but might help you if you want to be an Assistant Host or even Host your own Tournaments someday.

Good luck, and enjoy!