Sprint Update from MysteryMan
Written by Mysteryman   
Monday, 04 February 2013 05:34

Hi. This is MysteryMan with Alteil's development team. Every three weeks we set goals for ourselves for concrete new features to release to the users. These features are based on community feedback and behavior.

These last three weeks was our first sprint that let us delve into new development. Until now we were focusing on bug fixes and maintenance.

Let's have a look at what is new this sprint.

The most anticipated new feature to come about this sprint was the new payment system. The system is flexible and allows for most major payment systems, so we can easily add more options should members of the community speak up.

On top of new development of course we have the standard streams of new cards coming out. Both new seasonal cards and a new EX set have been released.

Behind the scenes there were two major threads that started and are near completion. The first is a rules engine, starting with achievements. What you are looking at is a way for GMs to expand the game and add new features with a few clicks of a button. With this engine we will be able to allow new users to get rewards or have new types of weekly events that were never seen before.

Of course the game is nothing without players, and the new user experience was one of the opportunities for improvement that fell under our radar. Gaogaigirl has been working hard on mockups of a new advertisement site (designed to pull in new users) and new staff are starting on Monday to turn her sketches into a reality. 

Even with all this, we want to do better next sprint. After every sprint we reflect upon ourselves to see what we did wrong and how we can improve. Based on our internal discussions you can expect new hires to accelerate future development as well as a more detailed look into what work needs to be done and what remains. 

The next sprint starts on Thursday and is still being scoped out, but expect good things. The item that will receive the most attention will be beginning development of an auction house which will allow people to pinpoint purchase cards and sell cards to other users.