Invite a Friend - Mentor Program
Written by Logress   
Monday, 11 March 2013 06:08

We've wanted to have one of these for a while, but it was difficult to figure out the optimal way to do it.  Finally, I decided to go for it and put up a month-long mentor program, so I can see how it goes and if it's worth doing something like it on a more permenant basis -- maybe with different rules, maybe with the same.

The basic idea is this, if you  (as an Alteil player with some experience) decide to mentor a new player OR invite a friend (and mentor them or just let them fend for themsevles and hope), you will get 20 Point cards and your student/new user gets 30 Point cards. Prizes are awarded once the student accumulates 20 wins in Crest or Folrart.


You can not be both a mentor and a student at the same time - but if you were a student and comeplete your 20 wins, you may then take on a student/new player of your own.

Students/new users can not be alts of any mentor or any player over level 15.

You can only be a student of one other player, and you can only be a student once.

As a Mentor, you may have as many students/new players as you want, at once.

The Student's/New player's 20 wins in Crest or Folrart must be legitimate. If we have reason to beleive that battle is not legitimate, we will not count it. To be safe, assume very short battles don't count, or get a few extra.

The Student/New Player account must have a registration date on or after FEBURARY 4TH.

To claim your prize EITHER the Student/New Player OR the Mentor needs to email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or PM me on the forums after the 20+ wins are accumulated.

If we have reason to beleive you are cheating, you will be removed from the Mentor program and other site events until your account is returned to good standing.

We reserve the right to add additional rules to prevent cheating or explotation of this system.

This promotion will be in effect until APRIL 8TH.