EX 12: Luminaries Reborn
Written by Logress   
Friday, 19 April 2013 05:24

EX: 12 arrives Friday!  

An all new full EX Set with 8 new EX cards available for two months only -- featuring a new game mechanic INSTANT SUMMONING!

 In a remote field, the renegade priest, Raste, is ambushed by church assassins. Just before he dies, he disappears in a flash of light, and is reborn in a powerful new body as a holy warrior.

A wandering maid-of-all-work, Cornelia, is really a magic doll made by Sumer personally. Her true power activates when she discovers her calling as a Gravekeeper.

Deep in the primeval forests that cover much of Lavato, there is one who makes the gardens grow... the gardens of Alraune and Myconida! She is the legendary Queen of the Garden, whose control extends to the reach of her roots and beyond!

Ariande is a young swordswoman who has inherited all the magic power and weapons of her ancient family, a pillar of the Wizard Kingdom since it's initial founding. Now she fights for the new kingdom, and to prove her ability to bend magic power into pure offense outdoes her rival, Swan Swordsman Alna.

 Raste left the True God Church to find his own way, and now he's returned with a clean shave and new powers! His special ability buffs friendlies as he triggers their Counterskills!
 Magic Dolls meet Cemetery manipulation in Cornelia, who does damage based on the total cards in both cemeteries and is even capable of performing a mass-revive on your field!
 A super-powered Alraune, Natasha automatically kills any poisoned unit she hits and can even summon other plant-monsters directly to the field!
 As for Ariande, range manipulation plus Grimoire-based area effect damage leads to a unique progression of unlocking skills on a tanky Wizard Kingdom.
 EX: 12 also includes EX: 3rd Shrine Leader / Ridrea, a level 4 card retriever for shrine knights, complete with the much anticipated Cross Slash, EX: Chaos Form / Noze, who brings the idea of a magic doll and a deep one together, and can destroy dolls in the cemetery for power and immortality, EX: Staff Master / Mureria, who brings AGI buffs to Martial Artists, and EX: Princess of Regus / Bernet, the last word in range manipulation.
EX 12 is available in fixed packs, each including 5 cards (2 new EX and 3 commons) as well as a complete box, with 3 of everything! Now, here are the exact contents:
Knight of the 5th Shrine
Knight of the 6th Shrine
Folrart Lady Monk

Magic Doll -Fencer-
Magic Doll -Mobility-
Magic Doll -Undead-

Giant Gorilla
Monk of the Single Strike 

Mage Knight Vanguard
Regus Combat Sorcerer
Wizard Archer of Regus 
And the art!