EX 12 Rundown and Review
Written by Logress   
Monday, 22 April 2013 00:23

In the past I've spent a little more time giving you all rundowns and details on how our new EX cards work.  And, thanks to the immediate proliferation of EX: Ancient Zombie Lord and EX: Maggie, it wasn't much of a problem last time. Unfortunately, in the past week I've been saddled with scaring up operating funds so we can continue to grow, business plans and other non-gaming (and thus, inherently evil) tasks. And passing work off to the rest of my team (mostly in and around Boston) wasn't going to happen this week, so you heard a lot less pre-EX chatter from me than previous.

To fix this, I've turned to someone who certainly knows more about Folrart than I do, Worthing. I asked him to play around with the cards, have some fun, and write down this thoughts.  And, while (disclaimer) he is doing this at my request, he was able to come up with a lot of interesting places to start and practical advice.

Read his article on EX 12 here...

 Raste: A really great card for any file planning to use guardian. His auto skill lets guardian hit for quite a bit of damage while healing raste. My favorite way to use him so far is by having judie, guardian, and raste on the field so you can have a high damage threat guardian in the front line with Judie and Raste supporting her. Even if you do not plan to use this strategy he has other great uses with cards such as spined armadillo and star dragon. You can also splash him in as a late game unit to take care of devastating cards that can only be killed with max hp hate or cards that were buffed with holy shield or song for a hero. His soul skill is also very solid and can be used with other soul skills such as chainmail pixy if you feel you are having trouble against files that swarm many small units.

Ridrea: Another great card for refess. Although you will only want to use her dedicated to semi dedicated shrine knight files. A semi dedicated shrine knight with ridrea really works well with only using 3-4 different shrine knights and packing a few other helpful cards such as judie, folrart guardian, miffrye, aliria, and folrart knight captain. She is a huge damage threat when you have many shrine knights in your cemetery or if she is buffed by other units on your field. A level 4 unit that can do mass damage to the enemy field is something we do not have to much of so it will be interesting to see how she will impact the refess sphere. Her soul skill is also great and makes a great substitute for the popular cait sith soul skill we see in many shrine knight files.

Cornelia: A mass revival unit that can really help out lawtia files that are afraid of mass field destruction. I really like her in level 3 rush files that have many squishy units. Her 1 agility also makes her perfect to revive everything since all your opponents units will probably have used their action and attack skills. She is also a late game damage threat with her slash. She is just great overall against any sphere, but may have trouble against certain falkow files such as wizard kingdom. What I like about her most though is her soul skill. It is similar to violet's soul skill be guarentees that you can get an sp off your opponent. VIolet may be replaced by cornelia in the near future by many players.

Noze: This is a card I have been having a lot of fun with since she allows you to play dolls in a different way. The current file I have with noze consists of 3 Magic doll augmented, 3 magic doll mobility, 3 magic doll undead, 2 magic doll mini, 2 shades, 2 sumer, 3 noze, 3 shyvara, 2 soul pact, 1 merciless death, and finally a copy of overdose. The first soul skill or 2 should be something that helps you get sp to build up for the expensive engame and from there try to make it 10lp total. Her late game can be very devastating when comboing with other units like shyvara or belus. Her soul skill has a high risk/high reward. With other lawtia cards such as shade, mad priest, and night wing wyvern you can land the soul skill a lot easier vs other rush files.

Natasha: Personally my favorite card from the ex 12 expansion due to her summoning mechanic and she is gowen. Natasha can allow you to build up a huge field really fast if you plan carefully. I like to open with archer scout and dryad with 2 Princess of the key/emana soul skills to make sure I do not trigger my opponent's soul skill which could easily skill a 40 hp Natasha. I play many other monsters in my file such as giant gorilla, forest rhino, alarune, man-eating tiger, mycondia, the forest of hate, and 1 blitz beetle. Her synergy with monsters is great and you can use mycondia's open skill to get rid of the unwanted gowen levels and get a lawtia level to make natasha snowball her hp and also if you do not want to place more units. You have to play very carefully with her early and even later on so you don't drain your file of units and your sp pool since her close can trigger an unwated auto skill the next turn. If you do not want to increase your lawtia level you can always play fairy dance to increase her max hp so you do not force her auto skill. Her soul skill is also fantastic and can be used to replace lelin.

Staff Master: A fantastic card for martial artists. She acts as a support card with the buffs she brings but does tons of damage at the same time. She can act as a tank with 80 hp with the help of Dista's open skill too. Qi infusion can help win field skirmishes by doing a lot of damage and making all of your units faster. Bojustu can also do the same by picking support units in the back off or you can always place her in slot 7-8-9 just for the skill itself and move other units around later. If you feel your martial artist file doesn't need the damage she brings late game you can always play her as a soul skill in slot 2 or 3 preferably. Overall I see her as a must in a martial artists file either as a soul skill or unit.

Ariande: A very interesting falkow card that synergizes with the other ex card, Bernet. She takes a few turns to build up but with help from other cards such as bernet or regus combat sorcerer she can start dealing out tons of damage early. I like her the most in a level 3 wizard kingdom file that benefits off grimoire count. Using wizard princess/ ariete early can help with your grimoire count along with soul skills such as carrier [singer of dreams] and ice sorceress. Using her and mirelia late game can really help clear big units and even quite a few small units. Her soul skill is actually very useful for grim count as well if you do not plan to use her as a unit. 

Bernet: Great for any wizard kingdom file as a support unit and works well with Ariande. Her Library lock can tame threats such as ball of flame and her start skill can allow your high attack units to hit the backline of the enemies field. Her Awakening Archive can help your important units become faster which can determine field skirmishes and end game agility rolls. It will also allow you to rack up grimoire count so you can even use her with other cards such as Vondora or either Mirelia. Finally, her soul skill is a great tool in many big blue files or can even be splashed in the 4th or 5th soul skill slot in any file running return that is afraid of endgame threats and does not want to run a return soul skill due to the risks they have.