Event rundown for this weekend and next week
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 18 May 2013 02:31

Just a reminder that the Sakura collecting Event is giong on now, you can check out the details here. It will last until the 27th, so you can get in a full holiday weekend.

Also, EX: Chromatic Forces ends this weekend, and to sweeten the deal I'm adding 10 Point Cards to anyone's account Monday who's bought a pack or box.

And check out the Sakua collecting packs and boxes. As usually, you can use them to pick up an extra collecting card or two to complete a set, but they also have high rates!

As usual when we have a collecting event, we have complementing packs and boxes up in the shop.  This time I decided to keep the prices a little lower than the Easter Egg suplimentals. 

Sakura Collector's Pack - 100 Gran

Contains 1 random Sakura Card, one guaranteed 3-star, one nearly guaranteed 3-star or higher, and 3 other random cards from all sets.  Overall, significantly better drop rates for the cost than the Lotto (plus a collecting card)! 

Sakura Collector's Half Box - 1000 Gran

Includes 5 Sakura cards, one 4-Star, two 3-stars, and 27 other cards between 1 and 5 Stars from all sets! Rates are boosted from the usual half-boxes.

The packs and boxes are available right now and will stay up until 6 AM EST on the 28th.