You Get Set Rarity Lotto - 5/31 through 6/3
Written by malakhi   
Wednesday, 29 May 2013 19:16
We always like to do a rarity up lotto right after announcing a new set, and Set 12 set the bar in a good spot with five different rarity up lottos for one weekend! It's sort of like getting the old cards on sale before the new cards come out, and SET 13 will be coming out in June.

The rarity up lottos will be up this Friday through Monday, May 31st through June 3rd.

The first one is a standard rarity up. There will be a 10 gran Rarity Up lotto, with heavily boosted rares.

The other four are Super-Sphere rarity up lottos. These will have NO 1-star cards, boosted rates and be targeted by sphere!

AND, all of these lottos will have "you get Set X" cards and Point Cards included!

That means if you get one of the special present cards, you get AN ENTIRE CARD SET (60 cards)!

Last time we gave away over 30 complete sets, but I think we can beat that number this time!