Second sneak peak of Set 13
Written by malakhi   
Saturday, 01 June 2013 17:19
Half the United States is sweltering in an oppressive heat wave, so we thought we'd make things even hotter with another Set 13 preview courtesy of Worthing!

Hello again and greetings from the test realm. First I would like to say that everyone appreciates the feedback you give us on these articles (or maybe its just me). Alright so lets just cut to the cards since I promised I would show you something gamebreaking this week.....

Here they are! Four new summoning cards! One for each sphere that all have the same summon condition too!

So Each card is level 1 with an open skill that allows you to summon 1 level 4 unit from your file to a random spot on the field but, the open skill costs 4sp and requires you have 4 in your sphere level. So basically its like getting what you want onto the field a turn sooner and a cool sacrificial unit. Each summoner has a cool skill that goes along with its theme also. I suppose I should also mention that they only summon non character units that are not multi-sphere either. So now that I pretty much told you what they all do I think you should take a look at all the level 4 units on the card list to look at all the possible units you can do because I think the summoners are worth using in many files. 

Alright so I am also going to go over another two cards in set 13. One that is very interesting and another that I am personally a fan of. Let's take a look at the interesting card first.

The 3* lawtia grimoire from this set, Visions of Horror, has a pretty cool skill and lets you use it early game or as a nice end game grimoire if you plan on having a lot of sphere levels you don't plan to be using anymore, say.... a guy like dalos or zugateroza. But anyway it will drop your sphere levels to 0 and if you have 6 or more spheres you get to send a unit of level 3 or lower to the cemetery. It will also lower your opponents spheres a bit. It has pretty good synergy with another rare card we will be releasing this set in the lawtia sphere as well. But so far my favorite way to use it is by playing Stronghold of chaos to get free spheres. Pretty interesting card overall though right?

I really like this next card for many reasons. First off its gowen and revives for free which I am always a fan of. It also has a pretty cool skill to help you out with a lot of mid level units too.

Her name is Eastern Assassin and yes she is an assassin and can fit with the lawtia assassins pretty well since Tierie, the 5* gowen card I talked about last week, is worth using with assassins as well. So assassins now have a unit that revives for free and can pinpoint and kill level 4 and 5 units with her skill which also kills herself but hey it can be worth it generally. She fits in nicely with a lot of other files that are gowen like mercenary nation or any generic low level gowen file. I think she has potential to be a core card in any gowen file but only time will tell!

That is all the cards I will be going over in this article but next week I will be going over our new tribe/faction that is quite interesting.