The Barbarians Are Coming! 3rd Set 13 Sneak Preview!
Written by malakhi   
Friday, 07 June 2013 18:58
This week, Worthing gives us the rundown on the all-new Barbarian Tribe coming up in Set 13...

So here I am again to give you guys a peak at Set 13. We are getting very close to done and I wanted to show off our new sub type that work quite well together. They are very strong against many rush files that rely on Level 2 and 3 units but are weak against mid and big files. Right now the pool for our new subtype is limited to a few units but we plan to have more in the future which will make them more flexible and exciting. They are all about damage and beating down the opponents field turn after turn. So basically what I'm saying is it's a fairly simple file to play but sometimes thats what can make the game fun, for me at least. Let's take a look at the Barbarian subtype cards shall we?

First off we have one of the two odd balls from the Barbarian Tribe, who is a bit tough to play with the other Barbarians but is worth a mention since he fits the category.

Lion Greatsword Soldier's main function right now is to wipe out units with his unique slash that also hits all Level 3 or Level units for 50% that are not in range, and yes he has 1 range and has 50 attack with an auto skill that gives him a bit of HP and attack if another Barbarian that is not refess is on the field. Hard to do but it is workable and might be worth using two of the other low level Barbarians that I will talk about later. I suppose I should also mention he is Level 5 and has solid stats and is a 2* rarity. In my opinion you can refer to him as a less durable phoenix chick with a bigger punch.

The second odd ball is pretty tough to use with the others but he could be a pretty popular card in Lawtia since he works pretty well with all the close skills they have and not to mention the card I showed you in the first article, Shambling Corpse

Combat Ogre / Gandar Is a great card to use if you want a lot of attack on one unit. Tons of damage usually has a price, but they price can be nothing to very little with how many lawtia cards have useful close skills. Gandar's open skill makes you set one friendly unit to 0 HP so he can get 60 Attack, not to mention it is 60 Attack every time that open skill activates successfully so you can just let him die and get another one with 120 Attack if that is something you need. He doesn't have a skill to function with the other Barbarians but he does have standard stats for a Level 4 unit and has a slash. 

Alright now I can start showing off the units that mesh well together. I'll start off with the other Lawtia Barbarian who fits with the rest since he is only Level 1 and can be splashed with the Falkow and Gowen ones.

Toad Shaman is a pretty simple card. He has basic Level 1 unit stats but has a close that costs 2sp and gives your rival 2 less sp at the beginning of next turn......Yeah, pretty simple that's about it....let's move along.

Alright I finally get to show off one of my favorite cards from the set that makes Barbarians really strong in the early stage of the game and would work really well in a Gowen file that has no intent of putting 3 into your Gowen Sphere early. This card is Goblin Soldier.

We finally have a rank up that works as a rank down. When your Gowen Sphere is 3 or higher he will get his rank up and then his auto skill will make his stats a lot weaker. The cool thing about him is that he has amazing base stats for a Level 2 unit. Level 3 stats are pretty good for a Level 2 unit that doesn't need something else to beef him up. This guy will help make the next Barbarian I will discuss a lot stronger and will be a key factor in the early game if you want to use Barbarians.

Now lets take a look at the tank for Barbarians.

Crocodile Knight is a great tank in and outside of Barbarian files. He is a Level 3 unit with 60hp and has a start skill to give him a buff if your Gowen Level is 1 or higher. Crocodile Knight works excellent with Goblin Soldier because his auto skill gives him a small permanent attack buff and heals him when a non Falkow Barbarian is on the field with him. He can dish out a solid amount of damage while being a tank to protect your lp and saves you SP since you generally won't have to revive him too often.

Finally I get to show off the two multi-Sphere Barbarians that works fantastically with the tribe. First let's look at guy that buffs all the Barbarians.

Goblin Mage has the same rank up as Goblin Soldier and is a Level 2 unit as well between Falkow and Gowen. His start skill is what makes Barbarians really good in the mid stages of a game. It buffs all Barbarians by 10 attack for the turn and heals then by 5, and then he gets to pinpoint a unit for a small amount of damage. This start skill can only happen if he has his rank up although he loses a few stat point when he is ranked up. His base stats are a bit stronger than Goblin Soldier's and he has an engage skill. This is a very important card for Barbarians and makes them worth using.

And our last card which is a very strong card in and outside of Barbarians is a fast, strong, and squishy unit that will generally be played at the late game for Barbarians.

Firespawn Merman is a fantastic unit in general for any rush file that is Gowen and Falkow. He has an open skill that does 20 damage to a target unit for free. The other great thing about him are his stats. He has 40 attack and 5 agility and with his auto skill, that gives him +10 attack when a friendly Barbarians that is not Falkow or Gowen is on the field, he came become a powerhouse that can kill units at the beginning of a turn. Not to mention he has a double attack that does 50% of his attack to 2 units in range.

First off I would like to say other than Gandar they are all 2* and 1* rarity and are fairly simple to learn to use so it is great for newer players and even long time players that just want to have a fun game with hard hitting units. Now that I have shared all of the Barbarians with you I will give you all a little information on how to make a great file with them. I usually like to start off with Mermaid Observer with 1 in my Gowen Sphere and 2 in my Falkow Sphere. If I am not hit by a Shade I will generally lead off with Crocodile Knight unless I think playing a return on turn 3 is a good play I will play Goblin Soldier on turn 2. If I do get hit by Shade I like to play both Goblins and hit fast and hard with both of them but try to get Crocodile out as soon as possible. I try not to play Firespawn until I no longer need Goblin Soldier's impressive stats too but Firespawn be very crucial for closing games out with his open skill, speed,and high damage. I do like to use 2 Toad Shamans as well because some games you have a lot of free sp floating around at the end and throwing him in the front can be hazardous to your opponent plus he gets/gives bonus stat points since he is a Barbarian as well. So far I really do like using only barbarians and a few other low level units like Dryad or Salamander as the only units in the file and then having the rest by Grimoires. For soul skills I highly suggest using ones that do a lot of consistant damage like the ones that do 40 damage to 2 random units and idealy larut since he is usually a better choice. I also think Diondora and Rasam are great to have in your 3rd and 4th slot or you can just have more damage in your 4th soul skill slot. 

Anyway I hope you are excited for Set 13 and it won't be too much longer before it will be released too. Give us some feedback in the forums on how we can improve these articles or make the hype a bit better as well! Thanks for reading.