King of Orks Pre-Built Card List
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 06 July 2013 05:19

King of Orks Pre-Built - Recomended for new users, a lot of punch in a small, -- er, giant -- ork-shaped package!

This has a slightly lower recycle vlaue than other prebuilts, and will also end up with a slightly lower permanant price tag, although for the first week it will be 1000 Gran.


3x Grebados 

3x Orc Commander 

3x Giant Orc 

3x Orc Bombadier 

3x EX Giant Orc 

3x Smart Orc 


1x Dragon Breath 

1x Fireball Breath 

1x Dryad 

1x Salamander 

1 EX Girl Mercenary 

1 Fire Arrow 

The Magician / Primrose 

Soul skills

1. Henrietta 

2. Lycanthrope Scylla

3. Ant Swarm

4. Revenant 

5. Skeleton Warrior