The faction wars are over, and the winner is...
Written by malakhi   
Sunday, 14 July 2013 04:03

...Dolls, by a landslide! Seriously, it wasn't even close. The Magic Dolls ended up with 132 points, and no one else was even within 80. You all must REALLY have a thing for dolls...

So, everyone who played last week will get a free 1-Star Doll card! Dolls all around!

And this week's 5 of 7 is all about Dolls. To participate, just duel on 5 of the 7 days this week, from Monday 7/15 through Sunday 7/21. Make sure each duel goes over 10 turns. If you do that, you get 5 POINT CARDS and a fixed prize. Complete 10 or more duels, and you get a 2-star Magic Doll card!

And 5 grand prize winners chosen at random will get 2 copies of ANY MAGIC DOLL CARD from a normal Set or EX!