Gameplay Poll Series Coming Soon
Written by malakhi   
Friday, 02 August 2013 14:35

In last week's newsletter, I put out a call to all of you to send me some no-holds-barred feedback about how we're doing at communicating information about Alteil to you, our players. I ended up getting some very in-depth and passionate feedback about Alteil itself.

As the new kid on the block at Alteil Central, I'm in a unique position to hear your comments and concerns with fresh ears. And I'd like to take advantage of that opportunity. I want to take a structured approach to figuring out how we can we can further shape Alteil into a game you really want to play...

So starting next week, we're going to be publishing a monthly-ish survey to y'all. We'll be asking you questions about what works gameplay-wise, what doesn't work, what things are balanced and unbalanced, what makes the game fun and what makes it less fun.

I know a lot of you veterans have suggested, prodded, and jumped up and down with waving arms to give us suggestions about gameplay over the years, either on the forums or through talking directly to the development team. To those dedicated folks, I ask... do the new guy a solid - help me gather this information as scientifically as possible. A structured survey series will help us track how your feelings about the game evolve over time as we adjust in response to your feedback. Basically, it'll help show us whether we're succeeding or failing at improving the Alteil experience all around.

And because I know that surveys and polls can seem like a chore to fill out, I can promise that we'll be giving out some free stuff to those who complete the survey.

We'll be posting information about taking the survey here, on Facebook, and in the Newsletter late next week. Stay on the lookout!

As always, if you have feedback about the way we communicate with our players, please drop me an email directly: josh at apocoplay dot com.