Another Faction War is Brewing. Vote to Decide the Winner!
Written by malakhi   
Friday, 02 August 2013 18:51
The priestess clutched her drab grey cloak more tightly around her as she waited on the docks at Beltorat Harbor. She was to receive a boatman, an emissary, for a secret diplomatic mission between the Church of the True God and an underground cult said to be able to control the Deep Ones. Her orders were clear, and she had been assured that the meeting would go smoothly, but her heart still beat faster as the boatman approached in his dinghy.

She walked to the edge of the dock to greet him. Before she could utter a word, he brandished a dagger and motioned her into the boat.

Her eyes widened with fear as she stepped into the would-be assassin's dinghy - then relaxed with relief as an armor-clad town guard rounded a corner and approached them. The guard's dragon armor gleamed in the sunlight.

"Thank you so much, sir, for stopping..." she started to say.

The guard handed the assassin a small package. "You remember the bargain. You get half now, and the rest when she's been successfully framed for murdering the diplomat" he muttered gruffly. He sneered down at the priestess. "Get in the boat, you. And start rowing."

A crooked grin spread across the assassin's face.

The priestess clutched the oars with trembling hands.


Who is behind this rendezvous gone wrong? What is their plan? Why would Beltorat want to frame the Church of the True God for murder? Will the assassin stick to the plan - or does he have his own agenda?

The conclusion to this tale of treachery is up to you. We've posted pictures of the the various factions to Facebook. "Like" a picture to score 1 point for a faction. Comment on a picture to score 5 points for the faction. Share it to score 10. Next Friday evening, 8/9, we'll tally up the points. The faction with the most points in their favor will emerge victorious!

Everyone who plays at least one battle next week will get a free 1-Star card from the winning faction. And the prizes for the following week's 5-of-7 will include two 2-Star cards from the winning faction. Vote to determine the outcome - and play to make that vote really count!