Assassins Advance Abominable Agenda!
Written by malakhi   
Sunday, 11 August 2013 16:03
The second Faction War was more of a pitched battle than the first one. But by the time the dust settled, the Assassins had clearly furthered their nefarious aims - in alliterative fashion, I might add.

So we'll be adding the Assassins prize cards to your files this week! We'll post an update when that's taken care of.

And the Assassins are the stars of this week's 5-of-7...

To participate, just duel on 5 of the 7 days this week, from Monday 8/12 through Sunday 8/18. Make sure each duel goes over 10 turns.

If you do that, you get 5 POINT CARDS and a fixed prize (1-star Assassin card).

Complete 10 or more duels, and you get a 2-star Assassin card!

And 5 grand prize winners chosen at random will get 2 copies of ANY Assassin card, from a normal Set or EX!