Written by The Unknown   
Friday, 30 August 2013 00:07

Bright tidings, most powerful and majestic Saint of Gold! It has come to the attention of my spies such rare information that I felt need to communicate with great haste. It seems that the protectors of Alteil are busying themselves with the preparation of some alien custom they call a “Kick-beginner”. Apparently some athletic festival, be it sport or footrace, no doubt in an effort to take their minds off of the inevitable victory of our most dread Master, yours and mine. Such is the case that their defenses are in a state of disarray that has not been seen in some time.     – Your most worthless agent, <unreadable>

Fools! To dare show their backs to the encroaching curtain of darkness is to show disrespect not seen in a thousand years! Bring forth the minions of a thousand broken worlds in the name of our dread Master! I shall lead the wave of oblivion to the shores of Lavato and blot out the light of living souls! Their bones will shatter at my name! For I am -- <message damaged>