Errata Changes during Tomorrow's Update
Written by Romdeau   
Friday, 06 September 2013 06:58

Greetings Iczers,

Tomorrow at 12:00PM server time the servers will be coming down for maintenance. When the servers come back up, the following cards will receive these changes:

Sea Lord / Vonderam

Soul skill 'Anger of the Sea Lord' changed to: "Target friendly unit gets LV-1. And then, two target enemy units get LV-2."

Moon Child / Miffyre

Start skill 'Moon Barrier' has been removed from the game.

Black Cat / Fellana

Auto skill 'Bad Luck Woman' has been changed to: "Send a random Grimoire Card from your Card File to the Cemetery. And then, send one random Grimoire card from rival Iczer's Card File to the Cemetery."


Range has been increased from 2->3

Lycanthrope [Janus]

Auto skill '2nd Stage: Burning Mind' has been changed from an Auto skill to a Start skill.

Close skill '1st Stage: Strangling Death' has been changed to: "[conditional use/battletime night] Do [damage: AT-10] to one random enemy unit in range]. This unit is fully healed."

I'd like to briefly explain why these changes are being made. In the interest of developing our upcoming "Horizons" project fairly, we wanted to make sure that no file had too much of an advantage to promote diversity under Horizon restrictions. Certain cards may be balanced when all of the cards in existence are considered, but end up becoming overpowered under new restrictions. There may be more changes in the future as we near completion of Horizons.