An amazing 24 hours!
Written by malakhi   
Friday, 06 September 2013 14:24

Remember the mini-goal for the Kickstarter that we mentioned via email? 500 gran to every Alteil player if we reach $15k with the Kickstarter by midnight on 9/11? Well, things are going so well that we're going to sweeten the sweetener...

If we can get to $20k by midnight on Sunday - that's 11:59:59 EDT on 9/8 - every current Alteil player will get 750 gran AND 20 point cards. The old mini-goal will still stand, of course - but things are going so well that we thought we'd go for something a little crazy!

How can you help us get there? Share the Kickstarter link - - with your friends and family. Tell everyone you know about how much you love Alteil and how much you'd love to play it with them. Share on blogs, discussion forums, Reddit, anywhere you go online where people might be interested in a game like ours.

We're working with our PR firm and spreading the word as best we can, but ultimately, your words carry a lot more weight! You're the ones who can tell everyone about the great game we have and the great game we're building. Help us get the word out, and together we'll make Horizons shine!