Written by The Unknown   
Friday, 06 September 2013 17:22


I am Phiropotos, the Saint of Gold, and I am a Slave of Batora!

My Golden Light has sucessfuly shone down on the bueatiful faces of the Iczers, and now nothing can stop me from taking your souls!
My first ray of light can see and strike in all places at once! His blind spot will be difficult to find...
My second ray of light will envenom your heart. If you treat her too roughly she will spell your doom!
My third ray of light fights by chaos, and chaos has no weakness.
My fourth ray of light is fulled by vengance. As long as her vengance has a face, she will erase it without fail.

And this is only the very beginning of my power! I am exist in a world far beyond the Saints before me! Prepare for destruction beyond your wildest imagination!