30% Looms Near on Kickstarter
Written by Logress   
Sunday, 15 September 2013 17:47

I got a chance to talk to some guys who worked at Kickstarter about getting a staff pick. As you know, we were flying for the first few days, a key period for evaluation for validity, chances of success and attention from Kickstarter itself. Unfortunately, while we did get on the automatically-populated Popular list for a few days (and scored over a third of our backers from that which is awesome), we didn't get Staff Pick first week. It seems that they will give us another look when we hit the 30% mark, and another if we get a front-page article on a major news site. (We did get twenty(!) articles, but the ones on major news sites either weren't front page or didn't have a link to Kickstarter, like the Kotaku one -- since it actually went live like 6 hours before the kicstarter itself).

 If we can get to the 30K by the time the Kickstarter staff gets into the office Monday morning, and then the interview I did last week (at a soon to be named major news site) goes live mid-week, that should be a sure-fire one-two punch!  Almost one-hundred percent of all Kickstarters that break 30% and get Staff Pick are successful! Victory is in our sights! 

(...and on our sites!)