Milestone Bonuses for Alteil Horizons Kickstarter
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 18 September 2013 05:54

Milestone Bonuses for Alteil Horizons Kickstarter

Exciting numbers and days are a while off for the Horizons Kickstarter, and that’s no fun. So we’re adding milestone bonuses!  We’ve already reached the 30K bonus, which grants everyone backing us at the $50 level and above to get 50 Card File slots with their premium account instead of the normal 20.

- Milestone Bonus $35,000 is 15 Point Cards to every active account! (current player only, instant reward -- yes, you get to keep these no matter what)

- Milestone Bonus $40,000 is +1 three star triple change card for every backer… EVEN those who back us at the $1 level!  That’s right, everyone gets a card that can change a standard rare into three copies, permanently! Crazy?  Maybe, but only in the context of “crazy good!” (This will become part of the standard Rewards)

Okay, now we have something fun to look forward to in the near future!  We’ve got some activity spikes coming up for the Kickstarter, but until then we have to keep the needle moving forward to keep from coming up short at the end. Keep spending the word, and a big thinks for the awesome stuff you guys have pulled off so far!