Kickstarter Re-launch Announcement
Written by Logress   
Friday, 04 October 2013 02:58

Kickstarter Re-launch Announcement

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a month! It’s been an exciting time, with a lot of key face time with our backers, important feedback, and great ideas coming in from all directions. The Alteil Horizons Kickstarter changed a lot over the past 27 days, with the strategy videos, the updates, and the additional guest artists. Then, last week things got really crazy.

A lot of the press we had been pushing for finally started to answer our calls. A big interview I had sat for weeks ago that had been stuck in red tape finally started moving down the pipe. We made some great arrangement for really big articles. We started wrapping on the playable demo, and made arrangements to show it off to a number of outlets who were interested in covering us. Best of all, we had a few breakthroughs in our quest for mutually beneficial partnerships, one of which we knew could carry the Kickstarter all by itself.

There was just one catch… 

it looked like almost none of this would be ready in time for the final push. After three weeks of trying to push a boulder uphill, we were about reaching the peak, but there wasn’t even time to watch it bounce down the other side.We considered rushing a few deals and try to make things happen overnight, but the risk was high and we didn’t want to ruin these opportunities in our hurry. Everyone had been doing their best to support us this far, we wanted to do right by them and make sure things fell into place. It seemed like a carefully timed re-launch, after a short break to sign some contracts and set things in motion, would be the right thing to do. We could have all the press and big announcements hit on launch, creating even more momentum than last time.

Generally, even if your Kickstarter re-launch is “bigger and better” it’s considered standard practice to try and lower your goal amount. One benefit to our visibility is that a number of companies have taken an interest in us, and multiple sources have offered to help fund the game a bit. It looks like offering a significantly smaller goal on our Kickstarter re-launch will be quite do-able. This way, our backers can spend their energy rustling up support for stretch goals, which is more fun anyway.

As a special “thank you” to all of you, the backers who supported us throughout this first Kickstarter, Jeff would like to extend to you a special Closed Beta invitation. No matter what happens in the future, we’ll always have a spot set aside for you when it’s time to do the Beta. You never know, there might be a little something to play with before the re-launch is over! In addition, GGG will have a special avatar just for the first time backers.

I’d like everyone to keep the following in mind -- You are not charged in any way for a Kickstarter that doesn’t complete its goal -- Backing the current kickstarter will put you in a great spot for keeping up to date on re-launch information as it develops, because you will still be able to get updates – and finally, we want to hear from you about what you’d like to see in the re-launch. What would you like to see done differently? What was just right? What do you want to see more of?

Thank everyone again for your support, time, wishes and energy. Keep your eye out, because I’ll be posting more info on the re-launch plan as it develops!